The Dwindlers - Beautiful Unfamiliar (album release, ambient, jazz, folk, poetry)

Hello. My wife, Michelle, and I have a music + poetry duet called The Dwindlers and we are pleased to announce the release of our album, “Beautiful Unfamiliar.” This work is a collection of love songs for Europe, and we are so excited to share it.

You can read a little about our process on Michelle’s blog, but here’s a descriptive vignette:

My boots tap cobblestone. Bicyclists whirl past me, tires on the street, trams, and the echo of a train. I am walking through colors. Everything is gauzy, dappled in pale pink and light brown. The buildings curve. I wander among them thinking that they have stories inside, histories to tell. The balconies drip with freshly watered flowers and clothing out to dry in the wind. I smell bread and coffee. I want a beer, some sausage, and honey cake. I am listening to conversations in Dutch, German, Czech, and French. I hear a waltz and then a polka, and I want to cry because I miss my grandparents. This city is memory, my stories, once home, once family, familiar, beautiful unfamiliar…

The album is available for purchase/download on Bandcamp as well as streaming from Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon.

If you’re open to ambient/jazz/folk/poetry (ambijazz poetronica? :upside_down_face:) please give it a go and thank you so much for listening! :heart:



mix on here is really cool, where the instrumentation fits pretty clearly under the vocals but doesn’t feel “pasted”. enjoying this, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much for listening! Really happy to know you’re enjoying it :raised_hands: .

Really great ambient guitar on this!
You play double bass and drums, too?

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Thank you so much! I appreciate you giving it a listen :raised_hands:t2:Yes, lots of manipulated guitar texturing happening. My main instrument is 6 string electric bass. So, I wrote all those bass parts with it and then programmed them using the Trilogy plugin for upright sound. I also programmed the acoustic drums.

Nice instrumentation. Airy. Agreed with comment above - vocals sit nicely on top. Looking forward to listening to entire collection.

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Cheers for the kind words and support :heart::raised_hands:t2:! We really appreciate it.

Into all the above… gave it a go… really like it! Congrats to you and your wife on creating this. Must be a lovely feeling to share a project like this as a couple.

Where about’s in Europe were you inspired by? Always keen to hear other peoples favorite spots! Favorite places for me have been Rome (I know… original right :joy:) and Seville.

We went back to Seville a few years ago (originally went as backpackers) and it was just as beautiful as I remember it. Gorgeous city :heart:

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Thank you so much for giving it a listen :raised_hands:t2:! So glad to hear it resonates with you. So, track by track, here’s a breakdown of cities/feels:

  1. More of an homage to travel itself, over the ocean, leaving the US for Europe
  2. Amsterdam, jetlag, dreamlike state
  3. Berlin, new home, city of history and contradictions
  4. Potsdam, biking by castles, fairy tales
  5. Prague, city of music and art and light
  6. Paris, romance, walking, shopping
  7. London, literature, love, and travel
  8. An homage to having a chronic case of wanderlust (Fernweh) and a homesickness for places we’ve never been

Thanks again for listening.


holy cow - you actually tricked my ears into thinking it was real acoustic bass and drums. Nicely done!

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Cheers man! I really appreciate that.

If anyone wants a DL code send me a message. Happy to hook you up!

Happy holiday weekend! Celebrate our labors by grabbing a free download code. Spread the love and thanks for listening!