The Early - On Juniper (Ruination Record Co.)

Since 2004, I’ve been a part of (or otherwise connected to in a hard-to-define way) The Early. It started as a “band” in the most traditional sense and evolved over the years into a way to characterize a certain type of improvisatory music made by any combination of its various members. The group’s current iteration doesn’t include me as a direct participant, in the sense that I’m not writing or performing with them. But I mixed this release and remain deeply invested in the group’s evolution. The record is significant to me not just because Alex and Jake are lifelong collaborators, but because it’s the first time I’ve used modular as part of the mixing process. It’s a tiny part of the record, but is a meaningful enough milestone in my journey with the format to warrant sharing here.

Also I think it’s a great record and will find some fans here.

Instruments used include: electric guitar, lap steel, korg minilogue, drums, field recordings, synthesizer, contact mics (+ modular synth in the mix phase)

The result is a duo sound that is expansive and thick, and which unfolds like colloquy and communion. Rough-hewn organicity is the organizing principle here, across the scales of time from waveform to songform: burred and gnarled tones; string and drumstrikes cutting across or floating above the metric grid in windblown swarms; structures that don’t cycle but progress through a succession of moods and modes like the day’s weather. - Adam Tinkle