The sink cookbook: a (free!) sample pack

greetings and wishes of fair weather to you! :wave:

a pandemic impulse purchase of an AKG C411 PP contact mic and some blu-tack has lead me to tapping and knocking on all manners of surfaces searching for interesting percussion sounds.

this past weekend, i had the idea to affix the contact mic to the bottom of a kitchen sink.
i hit record, and then spiked pistachio shells into the basin, dripped water from the faucet, squeezed and flicked water out of a sponge.
i present my ‘sink cookbook’ percussion pack to you as the result.

the pack is priced as pay-what-you-can, (or even, pay-what-you-want :0 !) with the caveat that i would greatly appreciate it if you tell all your percussion-using friends about it, so they can get it for $0 as well!

in solidarity,

a tweet that can direct your friends to the pack

a direct link to the pack!