The firmware page for Monome modular units was slightly confusing but now is fine

Does anyone have the most recent links to the most recent releases/tags of the firmware for WW/TT and perhaps we could somehow update the firmware update page to reflect current versions?

There is no central documentation saying what the most current firmware versions are and I’m not sure how to tell what versions I have in my units.

On this page:

…the links for TT and WW lead to empty release pages on Github with nothing listed under the tags either.

As a new user coming in and just wanting to be on the latest firmware, it’s somewhat confusing not to find anything listed. Searching here does yield some discussions about new versions , perhaps too many…as I’m looking for current white whale firnware, not orca, nor kria.

Additionally Teletype is similarly blessed with a very minimalist release page and no tags under tha tags tab. :wink:

Perhaps the places I’m looking in are not the best ones? Anyone have recent knowledge of the urls for releases/tags for WW/TT?

Many thanks!

Sit tight. They’re in the middle of revamping the whole Monome Github.
It’s going to take a minute for Tehn to get to all them broken links.

As a brand new user myself I feel your pain, though.

Aaaah, I didn’t know I had timed it so that I was coming in just as they were reworking things. Thanks for the heads up and I’ll keep checking periodically.

Sorry I could’ve been more helpful.
Here are links to the current firmwares you were asking about:

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Ha! Thanks? (Continuing to sit tight. Not planning on running make after fiddling with submodules.)

I’ll wait for the user documentation as opposed to the software engineer docs.

hey guys-- i was hilariously trying to avoid confusion with the new MP update as that’s the only new one-- so i switched instructions. this was two days ago so you literally checked in at the cusp.

but i’ve fixed the releases, go check them out.

if you want to see old releases at the unsorted repo:

but really-- use the new links. they are best.

Thanks, both of you. :slight_smile: