The is anyone going to NAMM 2017 thread

I’ve seen a few NAMM threads in the past, I just wanted to see if anyone is going to NAMM this year and interested in an informal meetup.


I’ll be there!

We have a small Unfiltered Audio booth upstairs in the IMSTA room on Friday and Saturday. I’ll do a live demo around 3PM on Friday. Other than that, I’ll mostly haunt the modular booths.

I’ll be there with Intellijel.

Cool. I’ll look for the booths and introduce myself.

I’m somewhat suddenly considering going.


If anyone does go can they please go to the metric halo booth and tackle them and demand an eta for the 3D card release?

Everyone else - grab as many metric halo 2882s as you can (with the 2d card installed otherwise you,Lloyd have to replace the adat board)

Btw Bought my 2882 about 10 years ago - one upgrade already but this 3D card Brings it to unl8/lio8 quality

Have you been before? It’s a ton of fun. The trade show portion is alright, but there are always lots of solid local performances while everyone is in town. The whole weekend is just a great way to meet people from the community and industry.

For instance:

Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, Surachai, Deru, Second Woman, and Hypoxia. That’s a hell of a lineup for a modular show.


No, never been. Thanks for this performance notice.

I really want to go to this show, but I need to fly out of LAX at 7:30am the next day. Still have no idea how the logistics for that would work…

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Easy solution: sleep on the plane!

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The sleep is not a problem. It’s how to get my suitcase and modular gear from the hotel in Anaheim to LAX while still going to this show.

pretty hyped to (hopefully?) see new 1u modules.

Yes :slight_smile: there will be more of those


I wanted to revisit this: it sounds like you know something about the 3D card…no? From where?

I still periodically check the MH site, in the fanciful hope that there will one day be this mythical upgrade, but sadly, last year, I just finally switched off looking and waiting.

I would jump so fast on a LIO-8–there’s so much that’s right about this–if its computer I/O got with the second decade of this millennium, but it’s 2017, and it hasn’t, so…no.

I decided not to attend. But I am attending my RSS feeds.

It would be great hear from MH… I’m not even sure they’re at NAMM 2017. Seems like it would be a great place to share the 3D tech, and it seemed like it was pretty much ready.

Anyone catch a glimpse of this thing?

Certainly looks interesting, i’d never heard of the original.

any info on when the 84hp performance case will drop in price?

After the launch of the 104hp.

But they’re listed As attending namm 2017??? As far as I know which is what I want Sorta told my bj was that it was very very close…which means nothing really. He’s been saying that for ages but the delay is due to them using Fpga and thankfully and it’s all going via Ethernet instead of usbx -plus a bunch of other stuff. It’s waaaaaay more advanced than the original leak and looks like they’re replacing the clocks as well. I’m not sure what, bar the case, will be left unchanged :slight_smile:

All nice but just deliver it!!!

So can some kind soul attending namm check it out?