The Jackalope 2.0 PREORDER



Hey everyone,

Thanks for your continued support, you amazing community.

A little while ago I built a really simple module idea for my own rack, and started using it in live performances. A lot of people were asking about it, and a friend asked for one for themselves, so I decided to refine the design a little, and do a limited edition.

Here’s the details:

The Jackalope is a simple, passive, electro-acoustic module for eurorack synthesizers, designed and built by me, Simeon Smith.

-Tuning Fork, C, bolted to module front using stainless steel shaft collar.
-Passive Piezo Tranducer attached to jack output - best used with a preamp module, or mixer.
-4hp aluminum panel.
-Hand assembled and stamped, each module is unique.
-Artwork by Illustrator Cath Delli-Bovi
-Includes mounting screws and artwork stickers.
-Limited edition of 10 units.

And here’s a little demo video.

If you want one, they’re available via my website, just clicky here.

If anyone feels kind enough to repost this on the muffs (I don’t have an account there) or wherever else you feel relevant, I’d really appreciate it. This is my first foray into making limited releases of conceptual modules, and I need all the help I can get.


This is such a great idea. I just saw this on facebook and then saw it had sold out. Ahh


Congrats! I’m glad it went so quickly. Really cool concept.


Wow this looks incredible. I’d buy one in an instant.


Hey congratulations! This looks awesome and the video was v well done :+1::+1::+1:


Beautifully done dude, I hope you make a few more!


I am always sleeping when the cool things happen. :frowning:


This! And 20 characters


I would absolutely buy one. It would be amazing to have one where you could switch the tubing fork for different pitches :slight_smile:


You can with this one! It’s just one bolt holding it in place. I’ll be doing a similar limited run with different design features soon.


Hmm could I hook up a tuning fork to the Ears module, and end up in a similar place? I’d never though about something like that, but would be really cool. Even useful just for the utility of tuning oscillators, never mind all the musical applications :slight_smile:


whoa super cool idea! the artwork is awesome as well


@xeric, that’s how this whole module idea started!

@t4w thanks mate!


I’m just going to leave this here:


OMG A440 you fascist.



@Simeon - what’s Talos? Sounds mysterious. :thinking:


The joke was perfect :slight_smile:


Looks great, ordered!




@mutedial Thanks, mate! 5 ordered in the first few hours! Tell all your friends. :stuck_out_tongue: