The Kindness of Circuits You Meet

Please forgive the self-promotion, but I really just do this side music project for fun!! I would like to share my recent album. It’s not strictly Monome-related, but it IS a synth-extravaganza (eurorack and old poly-synths mainly) with a heavy dollop of monome-generated elements throughout.


this is really great, in my BC wishlist for when I need new tunes.

Traditional melodic structures meets home-spun sound design.

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Wow, this is really epic. Kind of makes me think of a video game soundtrack but done with real synths instead of all chip-tune-like. Very pleasing melodic structures throughout.


Thanks, Kamil! I really appreciate that!

I like the whole thing, but “Pressure” is wonderful! :heart_eyes:

Yea, that Minimoog…holy smokes! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks!

OooOoweee… that opening cut and I’m hooked. Lush vibes as always.

What the heck, posted up another release with some modular improvisations. I think nearly all of these used Monome devices at their heart. :heart_eyes: These are all pretty mellow, contemplative.