"The Memory of Song" is out now

I am excited to announce the release of my vinyl record The Memory of Song under the moniker Spa Mayerling on the Styrian label Pumpkin Records. It’s not the usual droney or ambient music which is so popular here, but songs telling stories and mixing them with analogue bleeps, Yamaha DX7, RX boxes and space echoes.

I would like to share the Liner Notes with you:

“It is time to take a listen. Do you remember these sounds? A song, a band, a singer singin. Late night chansons on love and life. A hermit torn between loss and hope. Trust and treason. Discobleeps and storytelling. Endless August nights. A double cold Martini at the Ocean View Cafe. A little French rebel girl. Eating tangerines and plums in Lacan’s last seminar. Hidden love letters to Barcelona. Searching for answers in the White City. Hippies chanting and hugging on the Ibizan coast in 79. A nude. A secret love. The Queen of Wands. Leaving the platform of safety. An orgy in a hunting lodge. The party turning into a wasteland. The silence, when everyone has left the ball. Her farewell letters. The last days of Kakania. The bright glittering sea at Cabo da Roca. The past, the future: New Shores.

An epitaph for a time which is now finally passing, a memoir of the age of innocence, of naive romance. There is a line in a film by Miguel Gomes that may perfectly describe these songs: “música romântica”, simple tunes played by a local dance band in a Portuguese village on a dimly lit summer eve with some average folks finding a way to each others souls again, they touch, they dance, they feel alive. Or a music maybe played in the radio on the ferry to a magical island. Or a song in the wee wee hours in a hotel lounge with a Fernet. Timeless reminders of a fading age. The Memory of Song.”

And here is a little artist info:

Behind the pseudonym Spa Mayerling stands the Viennese songwriter and producer Christoph Marek , who in the noughties used to operate the name of MAREK. His former record “It’s these magic moments that I’m living for” merged singer/songwriter tunes, stomp box weirdness and groovebox rhythms the lo-fi way. It was very well received by critics: Foxy Digitalis wrote “Marek is Jandek with some small degree of shame”, The Wire called him a “a perfectly rootless performer” and philosopher Jürgen Hofbauer summarized “This album gives sense to our tears again”. Whereas MAREK was characterised by anti-folk, avant-gardist crooning and lo-fi-pop-jewellery, Spa Mayerling’s compositions are nostalgic somnambulistic pop music blending disco bleeps and storytelling , vanilla ice in Jesolo and apocalyptic e-mails, the tarot character “The Queen of Wands” and the Ibiza of the late 80s.

If you’ve got any questions on the production and genesis of the album, I’d be happy to answer!

Thanks for the attention, everyone!