The Metronomic Society (Disquiet Junto Project 0267)


Good evening,

The Metronomic Society of Negativland…

I took a song/jingle I made last year, mixed it with “That was dumb”(previously used in another Junto) and put 2 other Negativland samples over it.



I’ve gotten the playlist rolling:


long time no see or listening. happy to be back for this assignment.

this is ¶radio hummingbird’s contribution to this week’s disquiet junto with the serial number 0267. in short, the requirement for this contribution was to record a sound-logo (amongst other options) for the “Metronomic Society”.

this piece has been created using my special little travel synth kit, a ruler, an empty bottle and my hands. plus the SQ1 and a looping and a reverb pedal. nothing else. the only post-processing applied was LANDR for mastering the recording.

happy easy listening.


i was thinking about this project while making (causing?) some other music… i dont know what distinguishes a theme tune … but then this other music kind of seemed a bit themey with the strings and what almost appears to be a bassline , how unusual. i think there’s something strange and contemplative that fits the subject matter too. i prefer to work intuitively/subconsciously . and not realizing i’m doing a junto track might be my preferred mode!

theres some cello trumpet and harmonica samples fed through protoplasm. electronic stuff from crystal vst. midi file generated from (de-randomized). lazy/random buttons pressed a lot


Hello Junto, I guess the assignment got me thinking about being in a group and some of the banners we choose to be under.

Later, Les


Man Ray was known for his Dadaist images, photograms (he called them rayographs), and solarized prints (more properly refered to as the Sabattier effect). In the evolution of art does the progression of the artform follow the technique or is the technique a natural outgrowth of the art’s progression?

The Man Ray Metronomic Society, offering a display of the artist’s work, placed three of his prints together, Le Violon d’Ingres (Dadaist), Dora Maar (solarized print), and Kiki Drinking (rayograph), and needed music to view the three prints. This is scored for double string quartet and percussion (cymbals, wood blocks, tubular bells and vibraphone).

The scores for the three pieces can be found at



Here’s my piece complete with information about the group (which I imagine as a Mr Robot-style musical collective) and track (performed live with Metronome iOS app and processed with the modular) in the Soundcloud description



logarytmics track: pure data fm


Bop fiend Eddie Tempo left the SFPD with a bullet in his shoulder and half a pension. Picking up PI work where he can, he takes solace in the city’s jazz scene.

But in a dive bar with a killer trio and an open mic, he soon stumbles onto a conspiracy bigger than he can imagine - that could soon have the city on his knees, and everyone marching to a different beat.


Thursday nights, fall ’81, only on CBS. Starring Richard Hatch and Heather Locklear.

So: I decided that THE METRONOMIC SOCIETY was clearly an 80s TV thriller - think The Rockford Files by way of Don DeLillo.

And this is the theme tune to that imaginary TV show. It’s a messy demo - my timing is out - but I remembered how to play bass, and got to have a lot of fun with the Nord. Enjoy. I’ve totally polluted my Soundcloud now.

Production notes: live bass, live guitar. Wurli/Rhodes/Hammond/Brass are all out of the Nord Electro. Drumming is one of Logic Pro’s friendly stock of drummers. I think this is about 12 tracks of audio, and about three-four hours work.

The mix is a mess. It’s a demo!


I figured a metronomic society would be all about the fragmentated rhythms caused by keeping irrational beats in lockstep, so I started out setting a metronome at 63 bpm against an 8 bar loop recording at 120 bpm, and layered some thoughts on time into the loop.


A quick (pastiche?) but rather fun this week!

Gazing out of my studio window as the snow comes down, Mark’s instructions got me thinking of a track that could combine the “public information film track” vibe with something a little left-field esoteric. We don’t have too much snow in my part of the world (a couple of days a year), so it made me think about a group of scientists researching the formation of snow crystals - the formation as a simple physical process resulting in infinite variability.

It had to be in 6/8 time following with the water crystallography theme and from there it was a simple case of establishing some “period” sound design to represent a 70s science documentary uncovering the work of the Society.

Next steps would be to work with some generative tools to build on the theme. That can wait for another day


For the last week I’ve been playing in 5/4 and, despite recording a couple of other things with this Junto in mind, kept coming back to this track.

It was the second of three songs with a 5/4 time signature during the week. The other two were single loops, while this one gathered a structure around that slight key change before leading back to the chorus.

I think there’s a 4/4 riff in there too. It’s been challenging me to count along. The instruments were programmed and all come from Ableton Live’s Suite.

In my head it’s TV theme recording session led by Art Blakey and I imagine him grunting and counting time in the breaks, while all the while the high-hat pedal pops.


very nice. wow and flutter has a posse!


Plenty of wow … restricted the flutter. Or was it the other way around :wink:


Head In The Clouds: The Cloud Appreciation Society [disquiet0267]
Disquiet Junto Project 0267: The Metronomic Society
Create a theme song for a fictional organization.

Noble clouds: cumulus (“fair weather” clouds, the humble Cumulus humilis), stratus (dark and low) and cirrus (“mare’s tales” or “fall streaks”, the fastest clouds. Created with a small modular synth. Recorded and edited with Audacity.

The Cloud Appreciation Society is actually a real organization. More on the Cloud Appreciation Society:
Image by


This is a theme song of a society of people traveling backwards in time, that don’t want to get stuck in their past.
Actually I thought of it as kind of a riddle that I will post the solution to next week. I would love to hear if you can guess what I was getting at.


After finishing the track i realised, it could be the jingle for the “Time Thieves” in Michael Endes “Momo”.
If you don’t know the book, there is also a good film adapation.