The Microtonal Thread

…aand I finally got round to this!

And it is wonderful. So cool that there is an MSP scaler:

Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 10.06.03

With MC the possibilities are endless…


This is fun - running some generative sequences through these scales, simple banks of oscillators + filters + reverb:

scala bushmen.scl scale.aiff (7.9 MB)

Navigating the enormous scale list has been interesting - with very little knowledge of all things microtonal…

My current interest is in fewer note scales for these kind of drones. Searching here: Scales - Mizzan Microtonal Piano is very useful for e.g: pentatonic. The piece above is using bushmen.scl, no info except for ‘Observed scale of South-African bushmen, almost (4 notes) equal pentatonic’ Prodding notes through it produces the following pitches as an example octave: 440, 583.6, 663.1, 763.4, 880 - so cycling round A 12-TET but with its own divisions between.

Any other tips out there for navigating the wealth of scales? Are there other sets of scales suited to this kind of composition / process?