The Mockingbird - Mousy Magazine

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to announce a release day for “The Mockingbird” of September 6. This release is the requiem for my daughter Ida who was stillborn in 2019. Making this was a way to grief and try and produce something that she will be remembered by.

Planning on doing a series of livestreams on YouTube over the next couple weeks covering the process and production. Ive touched on that some here on lines at Composing for a String Quartet.

I wanted to thank the lines community, yall have been so supportive and just downright lovely. Thank yall.


Enceladus. A moon of Saturn and the setting of our story. In this distant future the decay of civilization has abandoned us and we are left to commune with the harsh reality of nature. There is a murmur in void. Listening desperately for transmissions, a signal appears with a message that no one can understand but everyone can feel. A foreshadowing.


Our family lives in an outpost located on Enceladus named St. Malo. Communications back home have been dark for quite some time now. Nothing works anymore. Everything is almost gone. The only chance to survive lies in the hands of the Mockingbird. Life’s ultimatum has forced their hand. The anxiety and torment consume the parents completely.

The Mockingbird puts on her divesuit. Into the abyss she goes full of courage. This would be the Mockingbirds last dive though. Disoriented and consumed by pain, she feels peace as she dies. Her parents reel in her cable and their fears are realized. Despair knows no depths than that of a parent that loses their child. They are proud of her and love her. But without her, their devastation is complete.

The Mockingbird is out now. Link in bio. All bandcamp purchases will be donated to @sauls_light. Art by @derekpoole_art. Featuring the wonderful @polymniaquartet