The Nonlinear Circuits Thread


I think you need the NLC Cluster :D.


Nah, Numberwang is better for smashing together four gate signals. However, Numberwang would be perfect for triggering the Z8000, as it provides 16 gate outputs. Similarly, 8-Bit Cipher provides a ton of gate and CV outputs. BOOLs is another option for taking 4 gate inputs and providing 4 wackier gate outputs, although I would recommend the Intellijel Plog more for flexible logic options.

As @OlivierWah said, Cluster is great, if a bit massive. That’s just a gigantic, CV-controlled matrix mixer. It can be used for all sorts of patching, including CV controlled feedback patches.

The Neuron/Diff-Rect might be interesting. The Neuron section is a comparator. It adds an offset whenever the signal exceeds some value. This is great for smooth CV and audio, but might be boring with stepped CVs. The Diff-Rect takes in four inputs and provides various rectified sum and difference outputs.

Brain Custard CV would be a lot of fun, although it can sometimes be hard to hear what influence the inputs are having :laughing: . It’s nine chaotic oscillators with 3 CV inputs and 5 outputs.

Squid Axon would be a blast. It can act as an ASR, which is a great CV tool to have with a step sequencer. However, you can turn up the non-linear feedback pot and get all sorts of nightmare sequences with it.


Thanks guys. Lots to think about!

@trickyflemming I’ll look into these. :+1:

Edit: wow, squid axon is amazing!


NLC is the god brand if you want (random or sync) CV and Gates signals.

Numberwang can crush gates, but also anything (audio, lfo, gates, noise, etc…).

For BOOLs yes Plog is more flexible, but be careful if you love process audio signals in logic modules. Plog is digital and effects on audio can be strange (but maybe guys will like…not me :s).


Folks who are familiar with Plague of Demons: is my understanding correct that the “FM ENV” input is for a CV to control an internal VCA for the linear FM input?

Seems like the PoD is underappreciated if I am understanding it’s capabilities correctly, provided it sounds good for non chaotic uses (can’t imagine why it wouldn’t). Thru zero linear FM with a built in FM VCA is getting into Rubicon territory, though without sync.


That sounds about right, although I can’t authoritatively say that that’s what’s happening. I just know how it responds!

Send Andrew a message or post on MW in his threads. He’s great about answering.

It sounds fabulous for non-chaotic uses. I’ve recorded a few little pieces in the past where I specifically set out to make it sound as ‘normal’ as possible–just nice, big, juicy, “conventional” synth sounds, and it’s wonderful. But the thing is capable of such glorious insanity and weirdness that I find it difficult to use it for conventional sounds. There are other VCOs for that. :slight_smile:

Eventually, I’m building a second one.


Hehe, squid axon has arrived :smiley:

Unfortunately, wife has hidden it until my birthday in Jan :frowning:


I recently filmed a Demo video using the double Neuron. I really enjoyed using it as a CV processor. I could see it being a nexus point on a patch. mult the output and run through an offset. You could get a lot of different outcomes that way just from two outputs from the Neuron. As far as the Difference/Rectifier section, it does a good job of making quasi random but rhythmic gates.


So I’m just starting now with NLC modules, and I’m totally in love with them. I built a delay nomore, supersloth and a DP filter.
Here’s a little demo of the dp filter, benjolin into streams and then into filter, modulated by tides and extra benjo outs.


Thinking about building a small system around a null a2. Does anyone have experiences with it?


I’m quite curious on how the drum modules sound (especially badumtiss) , have you got any demos?


I just finished assembling a null a2 and I’m thinking about that too. I like it with ornaments and crimes.


How difficult would you consider that build? Can you compare it to anything else to give some perspective? I’ve been thinking about building one for awhile, but want to do more SMD small projects first.


It was a lot. I’ve built o_cs and a terminal tedium and this one was definitely the largest, maybe 4x as much time as I spent on the o_c? But nothing was very difficult and once I had everything on it it was straightforward to debug.

Ordering the parts was kind of a nightmare, needed like three different vendors to get all of the weirder things.


Maybe it is a characteristic of the types of circuits NLC makes, but the very odd resistor values and such do make it a bit painstaking to source parts!


Especially: a single stereo jack, a vactrol, tempco resistors, a pt2399, r/g bipolar LEDs…


I mentioned last week or so about filming a video for NLCs Neuron. Here is it. Was just waiting for them to post it so I could share it. Love the Neuron & Clouds(Resenator Mode) Combo. I will be building one of these for myself soon. Have been playing around with his VAC PiLL and 4seq. VAC Pill is a great little random sound generator. I like sending both outputs to “Both” Inputs on Maths. Makes the envelopes all wonky.
Link to video below.
Neuron Demo Video


How are you (or anyone else) finding the FK1T filter? I haven’t really found any demos (except the NLC one), but I might just take a gamble on it when I order a couple other NCL PCBs/panels


I have a “finished” one with a Clarke panel installed, but it’s not working correctly. It is likely a faulty vactrol, but it could be a minor soldering detail elsewhere. If you pay for shipping ($10 USPS Priority), I’ll send you the module along with a set of replacement vactrols and a power cable. I unfortunately do not have as much time as I used to for troubleshooting it.

(If anyone else is interested, feel free to send me a PM)


Is this the video you filmed? Magpie just posted this on facebook: