The Nonlinear Circuits Thread


Yes, this is the video I shot for them. This module man…at one point I has so much footage of this thing
in a Krell patch, the way it evolved and morphed was great. I had a hard time ending the shoot. I just wanted to keep filming. I may post one of those sessions to my personal page soon.
I also will be shooting a supplement video on the Neuron. Will send it through a scope so you can see how and what it is doing to the incoming signals.
Thanks for sharing!


Yeah well, since I made those panels I felt kind of compelled to share it! :slight_smile:


Sorry for the slow reply.

I don’t really have any demos that foreground the drum modules much.

This NLC demo was what first got my attention:

His channel, with pretty much all the demos:


i hope you liked the video. the dig the panel design. So you did the design work for Magpie then?


my friend Logan built that one last week. We tried it out for a few minutes before closing up shop. It sounded pretty tight for that first run through. Demo video will most likely be coming soon.


I like it a lot, and have used it a lot. It’s fairly indispensable for me.

That said, when it comes to NLC filters, I probably reach for either the Feague or Serious Filter first. The FK1T tends to fit in in a more specialized role; not quite as general purpose. It may be slightly more limited, and I find that it’s a bit finicky as to getting it dialed just right. It’s inspired by a particular Korg filter if I remember correctly, one that is a bit peculiar. The dual inputs are very cool to have, but that’s a strength across almost the entire line of modules: multiple ins, multiple outs. Feedback heaven.


I’m inclined to agree with you with the first run through we did the other night. That said i did like the way it sounded. I want to mess with it more. It felt to me that will be a good filter to send a CV sequence to.


Thanks! I had already done a dual panel years ago (this one here: because there was no proper panel around at the time. Years later Magpie contacted me to make a new one for the redesigned PCB, which is a bit bigger, but you don’t have to do all the wiring as in the old design.
For various reasons I haven’t used the Neuron in years, mostly because I try to keep my system compact and it somehow never fitted in there. But seeing the video made me want to use it again! It’s actually about time that somebody did a video on it, because sometimes it’s good to get some ideas of what you could try out to get started with a module.


that panel is cool as well. Glad you liked the video. Doing one on his Sauce of Unce next. Editing down one for the VAC PiLL soon.


Came home with the Sauce of Unce today. Really enjoyed using it tonight. I want to pair it up with the Neuron soon. Clouds in Resonator mode will be really interesting with Neuron and Unce modules.


Does anyone have the covfefe bus board? Curious about the dimensions for a diy case.

edit: emailed. 260mm x 35mm.


Link to the VacPLL demo I put together. The VacPLL was a fun module to play with. I’ll be adding it to my system at some pint soon.


big fan of NLC, great modules and the designer seems like a cool person.

i remember many years ago seeing his blue mannequin with the paia fatman (i think?) inside of it, this was when i basically first tried to solder synth gear. really was a trip to run into him again when i started getting heavily into diy eurorack like 10+ years later! saw the photo of that old unit while looking through BOM’s and was like ehhh small world :stuck_out_tongue:



Anyone have test new NLC modules : hyperchaos deluxe, resonate, let’s splosh, the hypster ?



I am picking up Resonate and Plague of Demons at the post office tomorrow. Will report back.


Have any of you tried multiple plagues of demons fming each other? Interested in more complex fm sounds.


Would love to hear a clip of the Resonate pinging!


I have Primal Hyper Chaos… absolutely adore it. Now I want the Hypster and Splosh


Anyone using the sly grogan? Looking for an envelope generator and this has me intrigued. Am I right in thinking this is 4 ringing AD envelopes that are slightly different from each other but related?


From a post on muffwiggler by n0rd:

OUT1, OUT2 and OUT3 are different.
OUT1 is a ringing env on a gate. (Mainly uni polar but dependent on settings)
OUT2 is ringing around 0. (Mainly bipolar).
OUT3 is a variant on OUT2.

OUT1 and the other output labelled OUT1 are the same. Like a free mult so you can patch it to two locations.