The Nonlinear Circuits Thread


The first time I plugged in my NUMBERWANG module it started to smoke!

I turned off the power very quickly and plugged the module in correctly.

It seems to work as advertised, but, is that even possible after seeing the smoke!?

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell when NLC modules are behaving optimally so thought I’d check in.



Yeah, the older designs by Andrew (until maybe mid 2017) used 10r resistors as circuit protection. Kind of a poor man’s slow blow fuse. So if you saw smoke, typically it was them burning to save the module. Luckily you’ve saved it in time, but if it happens again or fails for some reason, check the 2 10r resistors either side of the power connector.


Thanks much. Appreciate the response + feeling lucky!


Is there a list anywhere of which NLC modules are entirely thru-hole? I’d like to DIY a few of them but not ready for SMT yet!


Up to 41 should all be Thru hole, I’ll see if i can find a better list though.


I couldn’t find a better list, but that should get you started.

When you are ready for SMD, Bong0 is the one to do. Fun, and only like 25 components.


New Kareishuu VCO announced yesterday:


I recently took delivery of a “LET’S SPLOSH.” It is so choice. While it can work with both audio and CV, I’ve found that CV works way better than audio for slop smearing signals. Without understanding the math, the “SPLOSH” seems to take CV at its inputs and chop it up into little bits to provide previously unknown modulations. Throwing voltage into it and outputting signals into every input jack of an “Akemie’s Taiko” yielded glistening FM psycho-jazz jewel nuggets and accessories. Same with the “Basimilus Iteritas Alter” but more slop slosh pound town insect clack bangs. Very recommended for anyone who does not necessarily need to know what’s going to happen next. Fun.


building one of these crazys right now…looking forward to the gloop!


Nice! I’m really tempted to make a small NLC rig with a Null as the core, then some stupid cv modulation like Splosh. Probably a bad idea but hell it’ll be a laugh :smiley:


Not a bad idea at all, haha :laughing:
My favorite go to modules are NLC… Sloths and Primal Hyper Chaos (bought PHC before the Deluxe Hyper Chaos and Hypster modules released shortly after, will likely get the Deluxe soon… very psychedelic indeed)


You have me gassing for this now


Triple Sloth, Dual Timbre and Hypster are high on my list! The new VCO is tempting but I think the Null paired with a bunch of stupid modulation is more my speed.


planning on posting some…umm…subtle use cases once i have splosh built (and if it works, i suppose) vs the usual all out insanity most demos tend to have.


Please! I’m also interested in slow drifting drone uses for NLC stuff


After selling the majority of my euro, I’m left with only NLC and a touch keyboard… so I decided to do something extremely counter-NLC philosophy and attempt to build a playable instrument.

I call this the NLEasel.

Note: Still waiting for the Two Tone from @bmoren, but otherwise this is the current state!


Let me know how this works out. If I’m going to stick around euro more, I think this is the route I’d actually go. I’ve only got a couple of NLC modules, but the approach is very inspiring.


Any sound demos of the splosh? :wink:


This gives an inkling of what SPLOSH can do.

Most of the sounds here are a “Basimilus Iteritas Alter” getting smeared into slop shop.

In fact, if memory serves the only other sound is a “Tea Kick” doing regular thumpings.


Does anyone have experience with It’s 555? The disgusting things I heard it do to basic waveforms in a demo on MW seem awesome! However, like most of NLC’s stuff, even after reading through the description, I’m struggling to understand how it works, haha. Seems kind of like a more controllable Serge Resonant EQ or is it more like five wavefolders? Or am I just totally off-base?