The random project

I’m sure this has already been done in a far more elegant way, but I needed a quick way to generate composition limits for a project. If it helps anyone else, even better!


I refreshed screen 7 or 8 times and I got the option >1000 bpm 3 times. What would that even be like? Some kind of pwm type growl I suppose- after the 10bpm thing last year i’m curious if anyone else wants to take this on…certainly throwing down the gauntlet.

I always get beaytiful :smiley:
but, great idea!

Check the article in the linked post below for something related that @TomWhitwell did a while ago. Super nice little Python script.

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Just like most of my stuff then!!!


Hm interesting. Statistically there should be about a 1/70 chance for each BPM result, with about 80% of results skewing towards “normal” results. I wouldn’t even call myself an amature developer on a good day, so there could very well be a bug in there.

The >1000 BPM result stemmed from pushing the 300 BPM ceiling of an old electribe even further with a delay line, bringing it into tunable drone territory.

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Awesome post! Good solve with the approach. One area I’d like to explore is how to source more interesting words that strike some sort of interesting interpretation without falling into the same familiar patterns.