The Reverb Thread


Let this be a thread to discuss reverb and related devices.

I will kick this off by asking if anyone has had any experience with the Audio Damage ADM21?

It was introduced as a limited item at first, kind of under the radar. It’s not trying to be the ultimate reverb instrument (a la Erbe-Verb), nor the most realistic room simulation (a la Quantec or Bricasti style), but a useful, fairly simple stereo reverb.

It appeals to me on many levels, not least of which is its modest 6hp size, much smaller than an Erbe-Verb, any of the other Eurorack reverbs, and than Audio Damage’s own forthcoming, and much larger ADM23 (which looks wonderful, as a more hi-fi, fully featured space simulation type reverb). And it’s stereo.

But for someone like me, who seems to be skewing towards multiple smaller systems, I appreciate this.

Problem has been finding reviews, user reports, or demos.

Finally, this:

Anyone have first hand experience to add?

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Thanks, I didn’t know about this. I’d really like to get a reverb, but also want to conserve space. Was considering Clouds as it serves multiple purposes.


I have, and love, the Aeverb MK 1. It’s great for adding density, or on drums. Sounds very Autechre Amber era.

I’m anxiously awaiting the new AD full featured reverb. The Erbe is great, but large and expensive. The new AD one looks to be smaller and cheaper, and sounds amazing from the limited demos.


I’m using the Neunaber Expanse in concert with Expert Sleepers ES-3/ES-6.


I’m a big fan of reverb. I use an Intellijel Springray in my eurorack and then I use a few different things in software. The spring reverb is great for playing with putting strange dampers into the spring tanks, like paper or other springs.

I like convolution reverbs and recently I’ve enjoyed using the Ableton Live built in reverb in conjunction with a bit crusher effect for “fuzzy” reverb sounds.


I just recently got the Valhalla VintageVerb and Plate VSTs and love them! I also use Ableton’s built in algo reverb and a few of the various max convolution reverb patches out there, and they can definitely get the job done.

None of these take modulation of the parameters super well (via max for live LFOs), so I’ve been looking at euro stuff to be a little more conducive to my personal creative process (which is basically modulate everything hah). I know I want something that can do stereo-in, so the erbe-verb isn’t exactly right for my use case.

Thanks for the tip on that upcoming ADM23 @Larrea! It looks super interesting and I will make sure to keep my eye out for upcoming info.


Audio Damage ADM23 on Modulargrid:


I use Clouds so often for reverb that I’m grabbing a second one for that purpose exclusively. It has been hard to ween myself away from dropping all the dollars on a BAM though, the eventide H9 is also on the cards at some point as an endgame multieffect, but I’m trying to convince my partner to pick that up for her music, so I have more money for other effects :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“emenel, post:3, topic:6875, full:true”]
I have, and love, the Aeverb MK 1. It’s great for adding density, or on drums. Sounds very Autechre Amber era. [/quote]

I’ve heard that before.

That has to do with the type of reverb it is–feedback delay network. It puts it in the same ballpark as those early Alesis reverbs, of which I actually still have three (rack units). I can’t say I’m terribly inspired to use them, and I’m fairly disinterested in interfacing studio line level gear in and out of modular stuff, so they sit, until I finally sell them, with the gazillion other things I need to clear out of my life.

But anyway, it’s a cool sound. Not a “real” sound, but a cool sound.

I’m excited about the ADM23 as its sound seems to get closer to ‘real spaces,’ and thus, lends itself well to a master reverb in Eurorack, and without being too big.


I have an Erbe-Verb, and I like it a lot. I don’t think it works that well as a master reverb, and finds its best uses as an instrument in itself. With aggressive modulation of certain parameters, and treated in a rhythmic, even gated fashion, it can yield incredible results. But as a general master bus reverb I find it limited.

It, combined with AD’s Spectre, creates some especially cool stuff. I’m all about frozen reverb effects, which are then revivified, sampled, sequenced, modulated, etc. I used to do a lot of that the old fashioned way, years ago, with a bunch of studio hardware. Lexicon had (has?) some outstanding algorithms for that stuff.


I’m considering getting an Aeverb MK 2 for “instrument” reverb, and then the new one for master verb as you suggest.



on the plugin side: valhalla vintage verb

big love for spring reverbs. i like having the spring exposed for plucking and running thru 3 sisters high-pass channel. swwwwoooooooosh


Wet spring reverb panned hard right, dry sound hard left. That’s all I need these days.


Same! Spring reverb with send/return gain & tone control on the return like the old fender standalone units is still a super flexible effect. Interesting never really played around much with the springs themselves other than the old foot-kick-thunderclap chestnut.

Maybe there’s some easy hack to mount a really light foam wedge in adjustable position on a reverb tank & control decay time that way…


If there was a BAM with CV I’d buy two.


yeah… that would be cool. i think there is pretty deep midi cc implementation but i haven’t gotten around to investigating. it’s just so nicely hands on


This got me thinking…I wonder if you could fill* a spring tank with water to change the resonant behavior? Obviously a lot of safety/feasibility stuff I’m ignoring with this thought, hah


it’s software but i can’t say enough about valhalla plugins they sound amazing


Just realized–apparently the ADM23 is based off the EOS plugin, which was developed by Sean Costello (aka Valhalla DSP). its all connected


ok here’s one - how about an adjustable-position neodynium magnet to adjust the spring tension? Or a huge DC electromagnet with a volume knob? Maybe it’d be ripping watches off wrists at 30 ft before made any difference whatsoever to the actual sound.


Ok - no there’s a better way! Obv just move the mounting point of receiving end to adjust tension rather than going totally Heath Robinson…


i use strymon flint somucheverythingtoomuchbutiloveit. i do not like the idea of spring emulation but that pedal is perfect in that i cannot find anything bad out of it. that is the only “hardware” verb i rely on or feel good about despite trying a bunch of things over the years. reverb software i enjoy/use a lot: d16 toraverb, valhalla vintage verb (i really wanna try his plate and surely will asap), audio damage eos and adverb and finally overloud springage.

so sadly i do itb for verbs. i am mostly a set and forget per instance so modulation does not attract. the strymon is incredibly tweakable/playable. try not to use too many plugins so i can feel some level of control and know where i want to go.