The Reverb Thread


Very nice! Thanks for info.
Regarding reverbs, I’m using dervish in eurorack as its fv-1 based and sounds pretty ok for the money.
Had strymon timeline which I sold, did sound pretty well but was not using it much. Best reverbs I’ve heard and do use are sonic core dsp based, they just sound amazing.



Been using the FabFilter Pro-R recently and it is excellent.



Anyone played with one of these yet?

I heard the Nyx at Moogfest (played by Richard Devine) and it sounded most excellent. The reverb was the highlight. I don’t need another desktop synth but could warrant the purchase for the reverb alone.



No, I have heard demos of the Nyx and it sounds great, and the reverb is a highlight. I just clicked on Dreadbox’s link to Crazy Tube Circuits, who designed the reverb and it is also available as a pedal -
has anyone tried it?



i use the valhalla plate on almost every one of my pieces once it’s dumped into the comp… gonna have to try the vintage verb.

i also use and * love * the fostex 3180… my friend and bandmate got one really cheap years ago and i ended up getting my own after using it on my voice so much. but it sounds great on anything really.

i haven’t really had enough space to bring the fostex around with me lately and have been considering a blue sky. can’t decide if i’m better off sticking to adding reverb post or if hearing it while i’m working out a piece will steer me more in ways that i would like.



Crossing streams with this excellent thread (particularly thoughts on multi-tracking vs stereo mix):

Coming from a personal history of (shitty) three-piece bands, I’ve always approached FX like I’m working with stomp boxes rather than being able to think in terms of busses. The benefits of the latter are clear for post, but the stomp box approach is definitely in the DNA of how I’m playing and patching my small system (finally coming together after some false starts over the last year and a half).

My routing is limited to four open tracks in Ableton, pulling audio from different outs on the modular, with an instance of Valhalla Vintage Verb on each. Most of the time they’re 15-20% wet and rarely are they ever set to similar presets/parameters, but I find that some small tailored-to-the-voice resonance helps me better engage with the composition/patching process. It adds an element of breath that inspires and fuels discoveries. If I went all bus, I’d miss those happy accidents of turning one track completely wet and realizing it’s how that voice wanted to be all along.

I’ve been recording sketches and sessions in this way, with some key parameters on VVV mapped to a knobby MIDI controller to give it corporeality. Rather than ‘print’ the effects, I record the dry signal of each input with the automation data – this makes going back in and tweaking parameters non-destructive, while keeping the performative impulses intact for later evaluation.

That plugin in particular just makes sense with synths. I would kill for a pedal version, but then I’d immediately want four of them. ¯\(ツ)_/¯



downloaded the vintage verb demo today and within 5 minutes of using it I purchased the full version. dang!! i would love to see that quality of reverb integrated into the modular somehow…



Are you familiar with the Valhalla DSP cards for the ZDSP? Though I don’t think they necessarily sound the same since the ZDSP is a different beast from a PC:



The ZDSP is huge though…

Also, the reverb in Audio Damage’s ADM23 EOS module (which is basically the same as the VST with CV controls) was also coded by Valhalla’s Sean Costello. Not sure if they sound similar enough but they at least share some DNA…



I’ve been using Valhalla Room, stopped looking for reverb plugins after that. (It’s that great!) Think I’ll take a look at Vintage Verb this time!



All comes back around to Audio Damage…
Going to be trying the EOS port later this week – I believe this has Sean Costello’s original algorithms, so this might be the closest to Valhalla iOS will get (for now).



i tried it out. sounds pretty good - but my big gripe is that when you change the size value there’s a pretty unfortunate glitch. i think i’m spoiled by my BAM’s lovely smooth time warp character.

for set and forget it does the trick and sounds great.

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every time someone mentions BAM, I sink into an existential wallow while weighing the math on a 12-month finance from Perfect Circuit.

this post laid me out for a dang month.



lol knowing that i’ll try restrain myself from singing it’s praises.

have you checked out valhalla’s vintage verb? sounds great!

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VVV is vvv good. more than happy running everything through that, but the hardware desire lives on.



hi everyone
just sold my eurorack DLD because because downsizing my case and didn’t quite use it as max potential (just using for double delay without patching so much)

looking for a delay/reverb as outboard alternative o a mixed solution
here’s my thoughts:

  • behringer combo: reverb machine + echo machine
    low cost, like 60€ used, seems cool but need lot of cables and not so headphones friendly

  • earthquaker devices avalanche run
    compact, just one pedal, like all the demos i ear but not so low cost and still not headphones friendly

  • zoom ms70cdr
    look cool, don’t know how much performative, same headphones problem

  • 2hp delay and verb
    small and compact, eurorack but bit pricey for what i get

  • critter & guitari organelle
    strange option but super powerful, can build my own sounds and controls, has headphones out, can use it standalone both as processor an synth, cons the price

here my actual and planned case

am i missing something?
any ideas or suggestions?




I haven’t really been following this thread much but there might be some useful information/discussion in it for you.



Careful we don’t want to disrupt the time - space continuum!



Moebius thread has more than 20 characters.



the reverb thread, slowly dissipating in feedback loops and early reflections. it changes each time you read it, you know.