The Reverb Thread


Have to agree with this… I picked up a Pico DSP just to have a more basic reverb and delay option (alongside uBurst). The reverbs go full wet, which was a nice surprise. Oh and it’s only 3hp, so my Nearness got balanced out!


Slightly off topic, but I’ve been using convolution for physical modeling synthesis lately and it can produce some very cool sounds. You can capture impulse responses from instrument bodies and then play whatever through them (I’ve had good results using contact mics and clapping loudly next to the instrument). IR’s from acoustic guitars are excellent for creating violin and cello-like sounds. I really want to try it with some brass and woodwind instruments if I can get my hands on any.


Absolutely. I’ve recently got my hands on a Mungo c0 and this thing is amazing, especially with a Mangrove, can get some truly wonderful reed and string sounds. Haven’t really moved past using some IR’s shared on MW (

Keen to generate my own and source some more options online. Are there any tutorials or whatever that you’ve come across for creating your own IR’s?


My Verbtronic arrived yesterday, and an Earthquaker Afterneath arrived today. :star_struck:

The former is definitely a lo-fi, psychedelic sort of delay with a metallic character, very little diffusion and a tendency to overdrive well below normal Eurorack levels. I wish there was some control over the delay times aside from the Tronic/Verb toggle switch, but that can be gate-controlled with amusing pitch-shifting glitch effects.

The latter is probably now my favorite pedal ever. Sort of a cluster of delays with variable diffusion, so you can get very obvious sparkly “particle” delay sounds or almost-reverb-like sounds. The minimum predelay is 150ms (which is kind of a shame since I often use really short or no predelay) and the tails can be anywhere from about 0.9 seconds to around 2 minutes… without any feedback, which can extend it infinitely and is easy to control. I wish it had some CV control and/or subtle modulation over the “drag” parameter (delay spacing) because that causes pitch shifts though.

They’re both mono, but I can dial them in similarly enough to hard pan them L/R with the same input and it sounds pretty great :smiley:


I’ve been eyeing that Mungo c0! Any more thoughts on it? I really wish someone would tackle a convolution module for eurorack.


bought an erbe-verb and am floored by how expressive it is! everyone says it’s a sound design tool, everyone who says that is right. gentle, sympathetic reverb little plate (from soundtoys) over the mix really warms up anything, too.


I wondered how i’d get on with it but it’s a joy and I feel like I’m still scratching the surface. Reverbs are perhaps on the small room > small hall side (which is also my preference) and it really shines on more outlandish IR’s. While some of the other modules I have are head-scratchers (g0 / d0), the c0 is straight forward (much more like the w0 in that respect) and wonderful… pure class. Recently picked up a r0, but still making my mind up on that.

Mungo stuff is unreal, easily amongst the best in euro but let down sadly by lack of decent documentation and low availability. Lot’s to admire though.


I’d love to hear what you get out of the r0.
As you know I sold mine, because I couldn’t get it to do much at all. But the parameter ranges on is huge, and a lot of the settings won’t even yield any effect at all, as the room is “too big” for example… Part of the mungo charm, and really interesting on w0 and g0, but I was quite disappointed with r0, but I still sometimes get that feeling that I just wasn’t smart enough for the r0, because all of the other mungo I have is just - as you write - pure class, and really unique.


Agreed. One came across my path relatively cheap so thought i’d give it a crack. Initial exploration has definitely yielded interesting results. I’ll report back.


I’m on the hunt for one myself now–mainly for physical modeling. If you’ve got any recordings to share yet, please do! There aren’t enough examples of c0 floating around out there.


I can’t seem to find any demos anywhere of the c0. Care to share one?


Only ones I’ve come across are this soundcloud playlist posted by a muffs user. Some pretty great examples in here.


That’s strange and intriguing.


Something to try out for anybody that likes working with convolution. I was reading some of Olivier Gillet’s comments on the difference in sample rate between Elements and Rings, and how Elements’ lower sample rate produces favorable results for some aspects of physical modelling (to his ears). He mentioned how a lot of older, well loved reverb units run at lower sample rates than current standards as well, so I decided to try dropping the sample rates on various impulse responses I like. It changes the sound drastically, and in a pleasant way, typically making it dark and smudgy and somewhat more resonant. It’s a great way to experiment with finding new tones and spatial effects.


VintageVerb from Valhalla ( has possibility to change sample rates and right now it is my favourite vst reverb. I was searching for something that would have warm reverb like my yamaha spx900 (I was really suprised how warm this early digital unit sounds) and I think that valhalla can give me same sound, and even more without carring big, heavy rack unit.
By the way does any one knows about hardware reverb that has all parameters available to control through midi cc? I would love to experiment with fast, radical parameters changes in hardware etc. but can’t find such unit.


Lots of newer pedals and units have good MIDI control. Check out the Boss RV-500. It’s cheap and sounds excellent, and all their 500 series pedals have good MIDI implementation.


Whoa that DIY plate reverb is intense!!!
Have always wanted to have one of those to play around with. That looks feasible to build actually. Thanks for the link :kissing_closed_eyes:


agreed that thing looks fun as %$#@


In hardware, my favorite is still the Eventide Space. I also use a H9, BigSky and 2hp verb. Never really gelled with the Strymon for some reason. Partly the interface but mostly because I prefer the lushness of the Space. I can get lost in that ambience for days. In the box, 2cAudio Aether is my go to reverb which I haven’t seen mentioned in this thread yet.


I own a H9 max and I like it.I was wondering how its presets compare the the actual Space unit