The Reverb Thread


got one at home - its ok

Jokes - no love for Strymon Big Sky?

Im a huge Mungo fan and am about to grab a c0 - the IR’s are pretty small but very very interesting


I’ve recently fallen back in love with “Bank 2, Patch 2” on my Erica Synths Black Hole DSP module. It’s a “two-stage reverb,” whatever that means. It’s not a “hi-fi” reverb, but it’s got some kind of modulation going on that contributes a lot of character to the sound.

Otherwise, I’m waiting patiently for the Kilpatrick Redox.


I’ve been looking at different different pedals and wanted to see y’all had any other suggestions:

  1. Strymon Blue Sky - very clean and in some ways generic - or you could say versatile! Having less of a distinct voice than some of the other pedals I’m looking at possible means more mileage. I like that it has hi and low cut and adjustable pre-delay. The most expensive of the bunch.

  2. Caroline Meteore - very distinct sound. While you don’t always need to dime the attack knob it is very dirty by design. I like the havoc switch for interactivity.

  3. Earthquaker Levitation - another Belton Brick reverb like the Meteore, though a little cleaner to my ears than the Meteore. I really like the sound of the Atmosphere control (feedback into the reverb chamber), that it has a tone control, and the short/long switch.

@rumorazzi I’ll check out the AMA, looks interesting and I don’t mind dirty.

Really focusing in on the one synth plus looper and a couple pedal concept. I will be pairing this with a Karp Odyssey, Ditto X4, and El Capistan (I know it has built in reverb, but I want a little more control).

Any thing else I should look at? I’m a little weird and really dislike side mounted jacks, so top mounted only. Dirty and idiosyncratic is fine, but I would also like to do more normal reverbs. I would like to spend around $150, but I’m willing to consider $250 at the top end.


I’ve had the Blue Sky for a good few years now and I’m very happy with it, but I think if I was buying new now I’m not fully convinced the price would be worth it for me, considering all the interesting and cheaper reverbs on the market now. (That’s not a vote against the blue sky, just an encouragement to explore lots of other options)

10000% with you on top mounted jacks, but if you were willing to make an exception, the Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 is a nice reverb at a very nice price point.

To my ears, the Mantic FX proverb might be my favourite belton brick reverb so that’s another one to consider if you’re looking for that kind of sound. The Meris Mercury 7 and EQD Afterneath are 2 that are capable of some really cool sounds but especially the afterneath is perhaps not normal enough. The AC noises AMA is a nice reverb with a bitcrusher.

I’ll leave it at that otherwise I’ll just end up listing every reverb pedal i’ve had a go on…let me know if you have any blue sky questions!


Well, the Space (and it’s equal algorithms in the H9) are my favourite pedal-based reverbs by far. Gorgeous sound, intensely versatile, yet ranging from extreme in a variety of ways all the way to delicate and detailed. Tons of parameters, yet approachable. Easily controlled via MIDI.

I know a lot of folks don’t love the H9 for it’s lack of physical controls but I’ve made an ableton live max patch to control it and you can directly map MIDI hardware to the patch to control it that way. I’ve also had success wiring up SuperCollider to use a Midi Fighter Twister to control multiple H9s over USB MIDI. If you do go for an H9 you’ll need the MAX (or buy the Space algos) but you’ll get an insane collection of other effects to go with it (including the tremendously versatile SpaceTime delay+reverb algorithm).

If you go for a Space, you get all the knobs your heart desires and a bulletproof pedal to go with it.

Here’s a neat video of studying just the “impulse” responses of Space and TimeFactor together, to give you an idea of some of the depth of these pedals:

He uses a Space extensively, but I find he rarely uses a wide variety of the algorithms you could use, so don’t take these examples as the only thing this pedal does. Like the Strymon, it’s not a one trick pony. Unlike the Strymon, it’s tricks include a lot more character and funk in the edges, if you’re willing to go find them.


i recent got this and actually have been really loving the sound of it. it’s subtle but very pretty. the tape emulator this person makes is also quite good.

spring reverb is probably my favorite type of reverb. i hope to eventually have an AKG BX in my studio one day…


I jumped in an ordered a BAM.
It came yesterday and I’m totally sold. It is a beautiful reverb with useful and playable controls. The freeze is great!
Totally hooked.



BAM FAM getting even bigger – I reordered mine after selling my first one and living every day in a vacuum of regret. I want my regret to reverberate with vintage algorithms!


It’s my favourite as well, it’s on everything I record and always in my live setup. Makes me really want a BIM, but probably already have too many delays.


I’ve been craving a Bam lately. I have a Space but I find it too convoluted and a bit much most of the time. I really should just sell the thing and order a Bam.


@jacon I really like the Mantic FX Proverb and the price is right. I had never heard of it before, but now it is on my radar. I love the Afterneath - it is one of the coolest pedals out there, not sure if I want it as my main verb though. The Meris sounds amazing, but has too many hidden functions for my taste.

@studiodc The Space and H9 are both really nice, but are a little too spendy for me right now and I would prefer something a little more straightforward. I do imagine either could keep me entertained with reverb forever.

I would love to join the BAM fam, but also a little spendy right now. Amazing reverb though, one of faves out there.


The ‘amazing stereo spring’ preset with the ableton convolution reverb is really nice. Well worth checking out :+1:

You cant beat real spring reverb. I’ve been hooked ever since I got my first ‘proper’ guitar amp.


The Blue Sky is solid. I used one for a while. Recently sold it in an effort to stop using reverb as a crutch in my music, but slightly regretting it. I did find that the modulation and shimmer settings could be slightly cheesy. The shimmer can be tamed by rolling off the highs - the low/high adjustment is great on the pedal. That’s one of the nice things about it, the fact that all the controls are accessible.

@marcus_fischer and @Dan_Derks may push me over the edge to seek out a BAM… Been wanting one for a long time.


haven’t tried that but i will now! thanks! i know what you mean about the guitar amp spring. i’m in love with the sound of my princeton reverb.


I stumbled on this video detailing an Ableton technique for using 2 send/return tracks feeding back into each other to create a shimmer reverb effect. Uses stock Ableton reverb and grain delay. It’s become my default setup when I start a project. Good straightforward signal flow explained here even if not using Ableton.


Yeah, I think that is one of my hesitations with this pedal. I imagine it is really easy to get sucked into the epic, blissful 'verbs.


Have you tried the UAD AKG spring plugin? I’m quite impressed.


I didn’t even watch the video, but that inspired me to set up a really fun drone feedback loop:

limiter -> dynamic EQ -> reverb -> Red Panda Tensor

I happen to be using ToneBoosters Barricade, ToneBoosters EQ 4, and Valhalla Plate with it right now, Any pitch shifter would do but Tensor’s got other fun features that can come into play.

You can “play” the EQ, you can shift way up to create infinite crash cymbals, you can shift way down but roll off the lows so the limiter boosts the highs and keeps it going, etc.


i haven’t but i’ve been tempted for a while. $199 for one plugin is a hard pill to swallow for me, but hopefully i can catch a good sale one day… the demos sound great.


i got the PSP Spring plugin on sale for like $20 a few months back and am pretty happy with it