The Reverb Thread


+1 psp springbox :slightly_smiling_face:


same here, i do like it a lot
never have been a reverb type. Always thought that’s for make up a boring sound.
BAM changed that idea dramatically


I’ve never bought a UAD plugin more than half price. Definitely keep your eyes out, especially around November and December.


I’m thinking of picking up a Hamptone kit that’s ~$100/channel. It’s a bit pricey, but I’ve seen lots of people make really cool stuff with an exposed spring tank. I have to buy a tank too, but then I can stick my fingers in it, sing/hum, mic it, etc.

If you have a subscription (which is free!), here’s the tape op article for how to DIY one all by your lonesome.


If you are into DIY spring reverb, checkout the Surfy bear Spring Reverb DIY kit (it’s a JFET/MOSFET adaptation of the old Fender Spring Reverb units).

It looks pretty neat (especially for guitar). It’s on my (never ending) list of DIY projects I want to complete:


Haha. You did it. I knew you’d love it.


loved the bam’s input stage while i had it. also have had big sky (more generic but very nice sounding) and space (more readily identifiable character) over the years. currently happy with the empress reverb, i don’t think it’s been mentioned here. it has an input port configurable for cv and quite a range.


Yup after hearing it in person from both you and Patricia I was sold.


Just a quick reminder since most people don’t know this but the Space (and all other Eventide pedals) can take a ~5/-5V (and can tolerate ~15V max) CV input on the expression pedal, which can be easily mapped to any control or combination of controls you want. :wink:


Is this the same for most expression inputs (especially the ~15v tolerance)? Always been a bit worried to plug modular in there.


The empress looks phenomenal, I’m even considering selling my Space to fund one


AFAIK only on Eventide gear. No clue about other products.


I would not risk sending more than 5v, and I believe some pedals only accept 3v. But you can use a VCA and an insert cable to avoid any risk, or a module like which is designed for controlling expression pedal inputs.


been using this lately, JMT spring reverb.


Any thoughts on this?


Got a Bam today. Only got 15 minutes to mess around but holy mother of God… Soooooo great. Can’t wait for the weekend.


I’ve been thinking about a Music Thing Spring Reverb for a while, but is mounting a metal spring tank in my metal case asking for a world of hum and interference?


I use Eventide Space for ‘highly designed’ reverbs. Detailed, specific, intense. It’s a beautiful, expansive pedal with so much range that there are plenty of ugly as well as lovely settings. I have and am selling an Empress Reverb. It sounds gorgeous but after about a year with it I have fallen out of love. It almost always sounds good, very natural, but I prefer the depth and interface of the Space. I also adore my RM-1N by Industrialelectric and custom Terverb by Ezhi&Aka. These two I truly love and will never part with.


I have no experience on metal case, can’t really answer your questionh. I would suggest that to place the tank externally, one advantage is you can always pluck the spring if you want, or swap different springs very easily.

I have a Music Thing Reverb Mk II which is a very good module, can do feedback (or not) with ease and the sound is nice, though it is made use of digital reverb brick so the sound is not that special if compare it with other reverb module in markets.


I think you might be ok with a metal case… I believe one of the reasons the springs are mounted in metal/steel cases/tanks is to act as a sort of shield from outside interference. I believe where you have to be careful is in the wiring between the tanks and your module as the recovery amps are very high gain and can amplify noise or hum picked up over the wire if it’s passing next to a power source for instance… it may be necessary to use nylon spacers and screws to make physical separation between the tank and your case assuming the metal case is also 0V (“ground”) but I don’t think so as if I remember correctly when putting my Neural Agonizer together the reverb tanks also provide a “ground” connection.

Some other info here:

Worst case, you could build up the Belton brick section of the Music Thing Spring, too, and connect that, though this is not ideal as vinc mentioned. I say try the tank! As vinc also mentioned they are fun to play (tap, scrape, pluck) on their own if you have it outside your case.