The Reverb Thread


Curious, do you have the mkI or mkII Springray? Does the filter take a good amount of tweaking to get less muddy results?


Although this is a diy build in a Buchla 200 format of the Music Thing reverb, Django goes on about how hum free it is. Sounds very nice in this video


Curious about this too! Looks pretty small and portable, is it heavy? The in out are line level?


Quadraverb’s Taj Mahal preset is one my fav sounds. Early Warp vibes.


not heavy at all and it is basically an oversized guitar pedal. it is instrument level though and in general it is pretty gnarly and dirty/noisy which is why i like it. sounds great though.


Taj Mahal has been in regular use here since I bought my QV+ in the early 90s! Such a beautiful effect. I like to pipe it back into my system so it can go through Three Sisters.


Have not tried that yet! Will do.

Speaking of the Taj Mahal effect, does anybody know if there’s a pedal out there that can do it? I want it for live, but don’t feel like carrying a 19inch rack.


mk1, and yes it’s a bit of a job controlling it yes :slight_smile: will probably find something less muddier in the future, so far working with what i got :slight_smile: usually using filters after to close off/accentuate particularities. haven’t tried mk2 but by the sound of it it’s much more controllable.


A reverb from the GoodHertz people!! :heart_eyes:


“Incredibly good bad reverb”. SOLD! :smiley:


My first post on lines. Has anyone heard the new NLC Reverb? The spring reverb in the NLC cellF “Voice” module was my favorite. Andrew mentioned that his new module uses the same circuit with some added functionality. I prefer it over the Ekdal Moisturizer or the Carl Martin Headroom. I’ve tried the Springray, and liked it, but the cellF one was darker and dirtier. I’ve been using a Aeverb MK2 for a year or so. Functionally it’s great, but I’m just not into digital reverbs. I have a Strymon Magneto on order. I’m curious how good the “spring” reverb on that is. Planning to let go of the Aeverb and pick up the NLC one.


I missed out on getting one for myself, but I did get to hear it at WAMod (monthly NLC build night) last night. Sounds nice and dark. Can’t wait to get one for myself.


Is WAMod the one in Perth?


20 chars of yes it is!


I heard Andrew talking about it on the Art+Music +Tech podcast. Sounds like an amazing place to learn how to build modules. Wish there was a setup like that in London focused on NLC.


Yeah I feel incredibly lucky to have this resource here. I don’t know that I’d have been able to get into modular if it weren’t for Andrew’s nights. It’s a really special thing. Apparently DIY nights elsewhere struggle to get numbers but WAMod constantly has new people coming through. Last night there were almost 50 people there building modules and power supplies.


Chase Bliss’s Dark World seems lovely. Also, I could watch Knobs demos all day. :heart:

Dark World mini doc:


wow this looks very cool…but that’s a hefty price tag for a mono reverb :neutral_face:


Whoa, 20 characters of nice.


Knobs gave me a bad case of GAS, and I wound up pre-ordering a Dark World. (Some places on Reverb are offering it for $50 off at the moment.)

I told myself I could get pretty close with what I have, but I’m not actually sure that’s true, and it would take some effort. At least in the demo, that spring reverb sounds nicer to me than my actual spring reverb. This might wind up replacing my Afterneath and/or my Field Kit FX.