The Reverb Thread


Apparently the Dark World (wow is that a 2018 name for a pedal or what) algorithms were done by Robert Keeley (or perhaps a DSP engineer employed by Robert Keeley Ltd.)

Keeley’s pedals were GAS inducers back when I was still a guitarist. Might be worth another look.


The clean side is programmed by Keeley, the weird side by Cooper FX.


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Dark World (wow is that a 2018 name for a pedal or what)[/quote]

The first thing I thought of was Thor: The Dark World. :rofl: (I didn’t hate it but Ragnarok was much, much better)


yeah, i couldn’t resist the combo of the warbly degradation, sample/freezing goodness and multiple types of reverb… with flexible routing…

chase bliss + cooper + keely…

i ordered mine right from chase bliss, i feel better for buying direct and thus giving them more money, but i found out after they can be had a bit cheaper, with free shipping, from various sellers on Reverb.


I was going to order direct, but by the time I decided to it was marked as sold out.


I recently dug out an old friend, long ignored because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of digital I/O, and I’m glad I did. The room algorithm still sounds really hifi, but the character of the old Space Station reverbs and echoes and immediacy have made the 206 a joy to perform with outside of the homestudio (thanks to a cheap, used standalone converter).


20 charsss of beauty


that dark world looks and sounds so good. the thing that always bothered me about chase bliss (and thankfully so because i would buy them all based on sound) designs are the cv/routing break out switches exposed. they get under my skin being so “available” right there on the panel. i wish they were inside the enclosure to set how one would like. so for whatever reason that keeps me away. i knew that the second i touched one in person. obviously that is my problem not his and his pedals sound so freaking good. i don’t mean to come across rude or dismissive as i really think his work is great. i’ll be stuck with another afterneath for that smeary verb action. being local akron folk i feel loyalty there.


The “ramping” thing on Dark World seems a bit crazy – my guess is I will always want the Decay knob to be Dceay, and if I need an LFO I’ll provide it through ALM S.B.G.

I haven’t owned a Chase Bliss pedal yet, so I’m neutral on internal vs. external switches for stuff like that.


I’ve got the Warped Vinyl Mk II. The dip switches set what the expression pedal/cv input controls (and the ramp knob when there’s nothing plugged into that jack). I just had a quick look at the Dark World manual and it works the same way. For that reason, it’s very handy to have the DIP switches easily accessible. Or at least I think so since it’s something I often want to change, though I suppose some might want a more set and forget approach.

I use the S.B.G. with the Warped Vinyl and it works great.


Am I crazy or is there not an on/off switch on the OTO BAM? Sounds great anyways. Just one more potential thing to remember to unplug (xmas tree lights are on the same power strip)


I didn’t see anyone talking about it yet. The Jomox T-Resonator stereo reverbs are a lot of fun to play with. I have 9v AC models and supposedly they are noisier than their 9v DC siblings. I haven’t tried the CV controllable Eurorack versions of the effect. I’m trying not to go down the Eurorack road for now.

I use 2 pre-owned T-Resonators these days pretty often.


I’ve been doing the plug unplug too. Might actually check the manual……


I was nearly tempted, several times, to pick up a T-Resonator. Maybe I will do so someday, since I enjoy playing with feedback and reverbs so much :sunglasses:


They really are worth every penny I think. I’ve tried a lot of great effects / reverbs over the years and I always end up back with these especially for a live setup. The older 9v AC models sound great … but maybe there is some advantage to the newer MKII? I’ve been mixing them with the Rucci 3x2 and 4x1 passive mixers. Lots of fun.


Just received a Chase Bliss Dark World. 100% loving it. I’ve always wanted a high quality reverb in my rig and I’m super happy with how it sounds.


I’ve set Active to “Aux” and it seems to pass signal even if the unit is unplugged. I wonder if it’s still drawing power when i toggle off Active.


I’m feeling a bit of regret that I preordered from a place that won’t ship until January 1. I thought nobody was going to have them in stock until then! Oh well.


Yep, no switch to be seen. I keep my BAM, Thyme, Bugbrand reds, all my Ciat-Lonbarde stuff, and a few other things without any localized switch on a swtichable power strip and just turn the power strip on and off. Instant circus, instant quiet.


Ah dang! I guess it’s not too too long to wait though. It will be worth it.