The Reverb Thread


Sounds like a good one!


noob question here. what signal level does the Dark World(or any guitar level for that matter) expect as input, and produce as output? I can’t find anything about it in the manual.


Most guitar pedals can handle both guitar level signals and line level signals. The main exceptions are some dirt pedals (fuzz being the most common) but there’s no hard rule. Some pedals also expect a different impedance and that can change their behaviour, but overall the great majority of pedals behave similarly with guitar/bass and with synths or other line level instruments.

And while some have the headroom to handle modular levels, they’re the exception so attenuating signals from a modular before going in a pedal is almost always needed.


I just tapped the active switch in a quiet stufio and heard an audible click from inside the box. This is in relay mode so I’m guessing thats the click. I feel like this is the closest to an off switch. Actually with the display in VU mode could confirm it. Will check.


This week I saw a few demos on it and I went to go purchase one and saw everything was preorder only. Definitely sounds like a good one for sure!


It’s incredible to me that there is a lack of good reverb effects in eurorack format. I find the options for delay are plentiful, but reverb it’s lacking. The only one I’ve found that I like is the 2HP verb. It’s pretty simple but it sounds great to my ears. I had an MN Erbe Verb and I really could never dial it in to sound good to my ears. I have a Strymon Blue Sky (and Bigsky) and I just use a XAOC Sewastopol to send and return to my pedal reverbs.


the new firmware for grand terminal has some brilliant reverbs - best ive heard in euro by some way
er301 verb is quite nice too


just armchair thinking… but I wonder if part of the problem is if you make an effect a module, the user’s gonna want some CV control to go with it. and if you give it some CV control, the user’s gonna want some idea in mind of what kind of modulation would be cool to use. and when yr effect is a reverb, modulation of the reverb parameters can sound really weird.

Having said that, I kinda see the appeal of something like the Dark World: you get your “reverb will make it sound good” cake AND get to eat it too in the sense of “I wanna be able to make it sound weird”…


You got me thinking - if the Bigsky had cv what exactly would it control - the main parameters I tend to only tweak a little during a performance - mix, delay, pre delay - but the more in-depth elements would be interesting under cv. However, I think Strymon would clean up if they just put out their pedals in Euro format as is with the Exp input for cv and the existing midi sockets on the front.


That is exactly what excites me about it :space_invader:


^^ if they come out with a reverb module :heart: :heart: :heart:


… although I will say that with $260 to get the, any pedal can be used in Eurorack and at that point effect modules themselves aren’t as necessary.


In some ways you don’t even have to go that far. I attenuate the modular signal to my external mixer and then use a send to the Bigsky and DiG. However, a magneto style Bigsky would be fantastic.


The Folktek Alter has some nice reverbs


After big doubts (I don’t like almost all demos on YT, but some Instagram tagged clips are really good) I’ve ordered and received OTO Bam. I can say that this sounds very interesting. There are no crazy modes like shimmering, tremolo verb,etc but each mode provide something unique especially with finding sweet spots with gain/chorus/size and time. Small minus that mix control is quite discrete (almost no reverb, dry and some reverb, dry and reverb 50/50, almost no dry). Ordered BIM :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking forward to this one!


I’m curious about your dry/wet mix experience. I have mine set up as an aux effect and haven’t tried spill and the other Activr mode but I can get pretty continuous mix results. How is your gain stage?


from my experience this is not related with gain parameter but just interesting way of mixing dry and wet. Some guys of MW found that OTO mixed dry and wet in a different way than Eventide and I really like it (maybe because dry signal goes not through ADC/DAC (?) stages and after this mixed with wet signal).
my experience: near 12’ - 50/50 and after this - to much verb (like 20(dry)/80(wet))


I gave this a try this afternoon, and I’m pretty well impressed. I wound up buying a license and thinking about selling my Field Kit FX. (Honestly I was half expecting to sell it after my Dark World arrives; now I might not wait).


That Redox sounds great and looks like fun to play. All midi broken out to CC’s super excellent !