The Reverb Thread


i’m such a sucker for all things springverb related. i may need to check this out.



a few tracks I recorded with the heavy use of (marbles and plaits) > DarkWorld > OTO BAM.



the “BAM fam” is growing. i just ordered a used BAM, along with a BIM. i’ve had a strymon bluesky reverb that’s served well for several years (whether used subtly or significantly, on about a couple of hundred tracks), but i need to explore new reverb types and applications.

BAM seems to have wide sweet spots in all of its modes; inviting playing and experimenting with every instrument. i’m especially looking forward to putting modular and harp through it.



Weird… Anyone ever crash their Bam before? Last night mine started to cut out and become distorted and then just stopped reverbing. Had to unplug it. Seems ok but was rather odd.



I bit the bullet on a Z-DSP for Valhalla. Why TipTop hasn’t made a smaller standalone HoV unit is beyond me.



My Dark World finally arrived. It was worth the wait! All the dip switch stuff wasn’t too hard to figure out after all, though I do wish the jacks were on the back instead (so it fits closer to other pedals) and there was some other way of assigning modulation targets (hold a button and wiggle a knob, maybe).

The reverbs themselves aren’t blowing me away next to Valhalla and Twangstrom – probably because it’s mono – but the quality is there. The spring does sounds great if you patch the pedal in a feedback loop, and of course the real joy is combining it with the dark side.

I do wish it was stereo, but pop a stereo chorus on the output and it’s close enough. Or mult through a different reverb or a plugin and do mid/side.



I told myself I’d never become a shaky-iPhone-camera gear demo person, but I felt motivated to support local lad Andrew Kilpatrick and try to raise some awareness of the excellent Redox reverb. I think the guitar community heavily subsidizes the FX market on behalf of the modular community, and taking the risk to develop a tabletop reverb aimed at the modular community should be applauded.

This is a pretty wild reverb. I think it wants to be part of your sound design as some of the modulation effects are like chaining guitar pedals together and getting bonkers bitcrushed reverbs or flanged reverbs… This isn’t a mild mannered end-of-chain reverb, of course I happen to think it sounds nice that way too as I’m a fan of the rackmount units from the 80s early 90s which feature prominently on some of my favourite records :wink:



this video literally made me go back and turn my synth on again



I have a question for all the OTO Bam owners. While trying to clean up a muddy mix I was wondering:

Are OTO Bam’s low-cut and high-cut filters pre or post effect?

I’m going to guess post, It’s PRE. but would like to know for sure where i should place another filter before or after OTO Bam.



They’re pre-effect, from the manual:

Filters. Low-cut & High-cut filters are located at the
reverb input. It can change the character of your sound
from airy to darker.

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Thanks for this! I quickly scanned through the manual but obviously too quickly!

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No problem, I think most reverb EQs are pre-effect but perhaps that’s not always the case. On your other question, I’m no mixing expert, but I would EQ / filter after the effect? Are you recording a wet / dry mix of an instrument with reverb, or just the fully wet effect (like an effect return)?



Yeah I was going to put a filter or eq on both the pre and post of the effect. Now i know where to place an additional filter thanks to your help. Thanks again.



this looks really interesting to me - though I’m a bit puzzled about how the two stereo effects are going to interact with the presumably mono spring reverb.



omg thanks for sharing! this is the first thing by Dreadbox that has caught my eye but it seems amazing.

strictly a guess, but I expect that the internal send/return to the spring tank is mixed down to mono, unless they have two tanks in there…



Not a big fan of the graphics on this. Sounds cool, but would like to hear a raw sound source go through it before considering.



Yeah, as I was glancing through the thread, I thought that the Dreadbox unit was something made by ART in the 80s



Just got the Kilpatrick REDOX reverb. Sexy beast. As a newbie here is my question.
Do you use reverb as an end of chain for everything? Or do you only use it for some voices.
I have a delay, and also want to see if i can fit a MI cloud as a pad. just trying to figure out if it gets too busy
if everything goes in. But reverb is so sexy!

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What is your setup like?



have a WMD performance mixer. Right now I have voices going into a Magento DELAY through the 1st AUX. The REVERB is going through the master SEND/RETURN.

Figuring out if I should put the REVERB on 2nd AUX so I can choose.