The Reverb Thread


I just need to haul my case somewhere to test an Erbe-Verb. I know it’s a totally different beast than Halls of Valhalla, but I’ve been debating making the switch.

HoV sound great but the Z-DSP is a lot of HP and I only really tweak the decay when performing. The notion of having more parameters to change the space dynamically sounds really nice…

but HoV is also really really nice.

I’ve read a few threads comparing them, and there isn’t a right answers, but I’d welcome thoughts if anyone has them.


I’d say is HOV is an awesome reverb which, when in Z-dsp can be modulated, somewhat. ErbeVerb, on the other hand, is more of a reverb instrument that can have all parameters modulated. It can also be an oscillator. I like both, but I only have ErbeVerb as a module. I use Valhalla plug ins.


Erbe all the way for me. Yes it can be a sort of wacky experimental metallic “not-reverb” reverb, but to me not enough cred is given to how it can do great lush sounds as well…as best I can recall, it was the only reverb I used on Stroke of Blue.

I was talking with @fourhexagons about this the other day actually. Of all the hardware and software reverbs I’ve used, none are quite as good as Erbe when it comes to really immersing the sound source in the space, to my ears. Even the BAM which I still use and sounds great can oftentimes sound like reverb is just sort of, poured on after the sound, rather than the sound really being IN the space.


That’s an interesting meter for reverb. Wondering what defines this - more complex algorithms? more blending between early reflections and tail?

There is lots of love here for algorithmic reverb, rightly because of the sound and flexibility, but do many people use IR reverb? A lot of my non-music output is sound design and I use Altiverb a lot there for modeling real spaces. Love the depth and detail in some of their IRs.

I’ve also been very into IR stuff in Max using the HISS library - loads of potential for making unusual sounding reverbs. I’ve been messing around with randomising many IR’s across multiple reverbs (like 4, 8 or 16), spread across stereo or ambisonics. It can sound very rich and unnatural, but also very subtle applied gently.


According to this criteria, the ableton m4l convolution pro is what I feel gets closer to that feeling in software form, in a very easy “dial in a few parameters and you’re good to go” kind of way.

It’s not quite as effective for super long lush atmospheres though, but it really feels like the sound is in the space more than 90% of the other reverbs I use.


That reminds me, Tasty Chips has been developing a eurorack convolution reverb, should be available soonish…


Can’t recommend the Quadraverb enough. They are cheap to get and have a legendary sound.


It’s a great reverb. I spent hours running stuff through that thing when I was young. I’d absolutely consider one myself again if I wasn’t trying to keep everything in the rack.


Yeah! I’ve still got mine and use it regularly in combination with my OTO BIM(Planning on picking up a BAM soon). I wish there was a pedal or euro version of the Quadra. I hear the Wedge comes close, but haven’t found one yet.


These came up at our last Seattle Music Machine Salon w/ Sean of Valhalla. They were in so much great '90s IDM/ambient because they were all so many bedroom producers could afford.


Anyone here using the Earthquaker Avalanche Run v2? Tested it out with my skiff at a local guitar store and had a blast with it.


Pretty sure the one I’ve got it the V2. It’s really amazing at what it does, lush soft pillowy ambience!
But there’s a couple of weird things I’ve discovered along the way… the stereo in actually sums to mono for the wet fx (the original dry signal is preserved, but still a bit odd). Also it clips in a pretty ugly digital way, worth bearing in mind if you’re using it live anyway…
Apart from that I really like it, wish the delay time could go a bit longer, but still, the sound is nice and musical…


woah interesting.

Have you been able to combat the clipping by any attenuation up front? I’d be using it live/studio depending. Must have not been able to hear the clipping (if it was) since I was in a less than perfect listening environment


I found that it clips quite harshly when attempting self-oscillation, to the point where I contacted ED and they ran tests on their own stock. The official word from them was that it was a limitation of the DSP- they suggested that I try to manage it with an expression pedal but the risk of it slipping into the clipping is obviously still there.

A bit disappointing as it’s a lovely device otherwise.


Yeah the Avalanche Run is based on the Spin Semiconductor FV-1. It’s notorious for low headroom. It doesn’t do floating point math like the SHARCs you get in Strymons these days.

FV-1 is an old and comparatively underpowered platform that is found in both eurorack (Black Hole DSP, Z-DSP, others) as well as a massive swathe of the guitar pedal range (including expensive boutique pedals such as the recent Chase Bliss Dark World). I swear eurorack and guitar folks alike stick up their noses at FV-1 based units and replace them with other FV-1 based units without realizing it. “Sounds soooooo much better dude.”

It’s a lovely sounding chip in my opinion. There’s a lovely sandiness to the reverbs. Almost like running your fingers over corduroy. Smooth and bumpy at the same time. Lots to savour in the modulated trails which can reveal a lasting finish that conjures images of a train journey at night, skylines viewed from a distance, the feeling of benign surveillance and countersurveillance…


Okay I’m sold now!! :laughing:


I love how you started with knowledge and ended with insight <3


I have an empress reverb mainly for guitar and the erbe in my rack and I am more often playing guitar through my rack because I like the erbe so much. I really like the empress, but the erbe is really special. If you are in Seattle we could meet up and you could give mine a go.


I am in Seattle, so I might take you up on that. :+1: Thanks for your input.


any pointers on how to get the lushness out of the verb ?