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looking into chase bliss dark world
do you think the lack of stereo in huge considering i’m going to place it in a send/return loop into my CGM mixer? is it better to get for exemple a worng LRMSMSLR and place it between?


I’m not familiar with the CGM or what you might want to do with that routing.

Sometimes I patch Dark World as strictly mono. (And then sometimes, I’ll run that into a mono to stereo effect (QPAS, Erbe-Verb, a plugin etc.) to give it width.)

Sometimes I mult a signal, with the dry version as mid and Dark World as side (or vice versa) and run that through MS to LR conversion in my DAW.

Sometimes I patch it inside a feedback loop with other effects, and tap the feedback loop in two places either as LR or MS.


Yet another OTO Bam advocate here :slight_smile:

Figured I’d share a little demo I did for a friend here to illustrate the scale of the BAM and how well it sits in a mix - it’s such a beautiful effect! Synth input is a Volca Kick, believe it or not :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe I’m using the Hall algo in this demo, but an important note/trick about how I use the BAM:

I use the BAM in fully wet mode as an aux send, but I go from there back into another mixer channel so that I can feed the BAM’s wet signal back into itself! This reverb feedback serves two purposes - firstly, it allows the reverb to self resonate and achieve different frequency responses, and secondly it allows the BAM to become a diffused delay/echo once you turn up the pre-delay parameter! I highly recommend BAM owners give this a try, though I suppose this trick would work with any verb that allows for a fully wet mix, though you’re mileage may vary. On the BAM, you can even use the “thru” algorithm for a more traditional delay/echo effect, added value! :stuck_out_tongue:


Again love the Valhalla and Eventide stuff here, although in full disclosure am a beta tester for Valhalla. I did sell my PCM70 when Valhalla Room came out though! These days I could probably do all my Reverb with Valhalla Vintage Verb although it’s great to have the Eventide 2016 plug too. That thing just sits in the mix like nothing else.


Wow! @Oneven the Quadraverb sounds great but sadly a little bulky for transporting. I sometimes use guitar FX pedals, such as Avalanche Run V2 and Supermoon Eclipse, but they clip too easily. I bought the BOSS SE-70 recently and I love it! Portable and sounds good. Here is a demo.


Really love my BAM but wishing that the freeze function had a better fade out when disengaging it - I don’t love the way the sample fades out really fast so it almost sounds like a cut.


I often crank the reverb time as I disengage freeze, so there’s a longer tail.


I picked up an Erbe-verb yesterday and I’m really impressed so far. I spent about two hours running the same sequence through and went it so many directions with the same base patch. Not the most pristine end-of-chain effect, but also not the real point of the module. Amazed at some of the sounds I’m getting and how well it responds to modulation ranging from subtle to extreme.


Someone else on here mentioned that the Erbe-Verb always sounds like an old shoe thrown down a metal chimney. Initially, I agreed with this assessment but that’s because I insisted on making Erbe-Verb too prominent in my mixes. Now, I like to run single elements into it - special FX elements or a melodic element - as a special sauce or spice. Now, I perceive the Erbe-Verb sounding like a new pair of Jordans thrown down a fancy chimney.


have you had any luck with controlling the bam via midi program change messages? i can’t get it to work with my digitakt. i e-mailed denis awhile ago and he said he would try to get his hands on a digitakt and troubleshoot. i was just wondering if it was a digitakt only bug or not.


At least my oto’s didn’t like midi being sent to them when they’re turned on. Try taking the midi cable out for the second-two you turn it on.

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I listened to Erbe-Verb a lot more closely this week (thanks to someone’s bold, quixotic project to attempt to recreate it on the ER-301 based on the paper Tom Erbe wrote about it, even though they don’t have an Erbe-Verb for comparison).

I like the clattering / scattering sound when the size is high and absorption is minimal and there’s no modulation – and the eventual descent into chaos that happens when the decay time is cranked up high enough. It’s pretty much exactly what one would expect a series of reflections to sound like, in the rawest form – reverb theory made practice. The input has to be a quick little ping to hear that properly though.


Just tried controlling the BAM from my Digitakt and it worked fine, no issues whatsoever.

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VV and Eventide 2016 is my standard combo. I still reach for a Midiverb 2 and Quadraverb for special sauce, but I can see myself leaving them behind once I get more familiar with the Valhalla stuff.

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I’m probably not the only one with a Midiverb 2 in the rack? I bought one after digging through Blake Baxter interviews, trying to replicate the space on his track “When a thought becomes you”. I recall seeing MV2 attributed to him.

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Just found a mint PCM 60 on Reverb. Pretty excited.The Room!
My hardware set up is now close to ideal - PCM 60 - simple, Meris Mercury 7 - huge or simple, ErbeVerb - more of an instrument.


i tried it again after reading your reply and i got it working :man_facepalming:t3:

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