The Reverb Thread


The BAM is great. It has a lot of character so i mainly use it as a stomp box type effect rather than to mix. It has a deep and beautiful quality to it that can be overwhelming at first (or to me at least). It is one of those hings that adds a lot to a signal even when used sparingly. I got it because i love my biscuit and then went ahead and got the BIM as well. Turning the size knob up and down is just amazing.


It feels that this should be doable - I’m afraid I don’t know the K-Mix well enough, but the below would work with any little mixer with a single aux send.


  • 3-6 channels of modular go to 3-6 channels of mixer
  • mixer aux-sends go to BAM
  • BAM output goes to mixer 7-8 as a return channel.

And then if you have eight channels of mixer out and audio interface in, you record the lot as eight channels - does the K-Mix do that?

What that’d enable:

  • You have six individual dry tracks…
  • …but you’re controlling how much of each channel is individually going to the wet effect with your aux send…
  • …and the entire wet signal is recorded to 7/8.

You can’t change the effect sends later, but you can have per-channel control of what you’re taping… which feels enough? Have I misunderstood something, or misunderstood what the K-Mix is capable of? I’m guessing the K-Mix is both your mixer and interface.


(My alternative idea, for a small hardware mixer and four-channel interface, was sending the modular to the mixer, mixer out to DAW 1/2, and then aux send -> BAM -> DAW 3/4 - only gives you a dry stereo and wet-effects-only-stereo, but still keeps the per-channel send).


Yeah, I have tried this. I don’t use the K-Mix as an audio interface, just as a way to mix down multiple tracks from my modular to stereo… then I go to my interface. The problem with using K-Mix aux sends that I’ve been running into is the opposite problem of why I originally wanted to insert it as an effect: it can’t make a track fully wet because you have to have some amount of that track up in the master volume (dry) section in order for it to be picked up in the aux channel. It doesn’t sound right or good to me. This seems weird, and maybe it’s something I have to change in the K-Mix editor on my computer? It doesn’t seem like the auxs are routed to be returned in the way mixers normally work. But yeah, I am looking for a way to do this outside of my audio interface so I can use BAM in this way anywhere I go and am playing and not just when I have my computer set up.


Ah, gotcha. It sounds like the K-MIx is working as a post-fade send (as effects tend to be, because in many contexts, you want the reverberated/effected component to fade away as a channel volume goes down).

But - perhaps you could also set it up as a pre-fade send? The channel volume then wouldn’t affect the amount being sent to the aux channel. That looks like it’s configurable on the K-Mix:

The aux sends for input channels 1–8 can each be set to function as a pre-fader send or a post-fader send. The channel select buttons are used for changing and displaying their current state.

  • Press and hold a channel select button for 1 second to toggle between pre and post; the channel
    select button’s LED will change color when successfully toggled.
  • Green LED = Post-fader
  • Red LED = Pre-fader

By default all aux sends will be set to post-fader.

So if you swapped your channels to pre-fade send, you’d then be able to turn the aux signal all the way up, and the dry signal down, and you’d get 100% wet sound out of the channel the BAM is on (7/8 in my example). But - you’d also be able to have wet/dry signal together on other channels, or, indeed, entirely dry channels around them, if you wanted.

It’s not as easy as having actual channel inserts, but does that get you any closer to what you’d like?


AH yes! Thanks for digging that info out. I think this is exactly what I want. I never go into that editor program but I guess I should study up on that… :grinning: I’m going to try this later today.


Sounds like you can do it from the mixer without the edit program - that section of the manual was describing how to change it from the front-panel of the device.


Some random thoughts on reverb:

That BAM keeps tempting me! I almost decided to get one or perhaps an Eventide H9, but for now I’ve landed on using a Strymon BlueSky again. Pretty happy with it :slight_smile: Had one before and then upgraded to the BigSky when that came out, but recently sold it and downgraded back after owning it for several years. …It’s hard to explain this, but the BigSky felt somewhat excessive in terms what of what it could do, especially since the sound overlapped a little bit with the Timeline delay I have. Magneto mode for example seems too much like a delay and the Swell mode is similar as well. I love them, but Strymon seems to do this a lot (feature overlap). Also, maybe I’m weird, but there’s something I didn’t like about the aesthetic of the pedal. Perhaps it was the combination of the form factor/color/giant scripty logo? :thinking: Yes, silly since the BlueSky looks similar.

Alesis Wedge - tried at one point and ended up selling as it didn’t inspire. Power supply is a massive brick!! Bleh. People say this thing is noisy, but that didn’t bother me that much. Very cool desktop friendly interface despite the brick.

Neunaber Wet reverb - owned one of them in the past and loved the sound, but didn’t enjoy loading the algorithms/fiddling with an expander (the Immerse pedal would remedy that, though it doesn’t have a favorite switch that I know of). Other quirk about Neunaber is that if you want more headroom for line level signals, you have to seek out a 12v power supply.


an interesting idea…
analog synth/digital reverb :slightly_smiling_face:
…felxibility is key
digital synth/analog reverb
’the joga of sound


I just bought a Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer. I don’t have much experience with reverb units or effects in general but I know I don’t want a ‘guitar pedal’ in the classic sense, and preferably something without a display. The moisturizer seems versatile and is inviting a kind of playfullness in me, I guess…

My other effects on the list was the OTO Bam and the Empress, based on demos and sneaking around forums. Do any of you know how the Moisturizer holds up in comparison to those - if it’s even possible to do a comparison?


I don’t see quadraverb being mentioned in this topic :confused:


Thats where my mixers Aux 3 has been going for the last 10 years :slight_smile:


I have a Strymon Big Sky but recently on the Organelle i have been using the plugin~ external for Pure Data to load a 44 Algo reverb LADSPA plugin that i am in love with


I think it’s hard to compare a spring reverb with a digital reverb. With a spring reverb you can interact with the springs, but there aren’t many parameters to tweak beyond the wet dry mix (although the Moisturizer also has a filter and LFO built-in which makes it more than a standard spring reverb). A digital reverb typically has more parameters and can do much longer decay times than is possible with a spring reverb. I would say that having both is great though, for different purposes.


I’m looking for a nice, big reverb for pure data.
Perhaps a convolution reverb? But mostly just something big and lush.
I’ve been using the M4L convolution reverb with lots of big building spaces… love them.


What’s the name of this 44 algo LADSPA reverb plugin?


Check these out:

Video explanation:

And here’s how he applied what he learned to the erbe-verb:

And then this looks promising for convolution reverb:


I’m guessing it is this one…
It looks pretty interesting.


I’ve been using this hardware reverb for years and I love it’s charming limited-ness. 8 presets, that are pretty flexible with the parameters on the front panel. it’s also dirt cheap (got it for less than $100, may have gone up in recent times though).



Have a Strymon BlueSky for use with my modular. I have a “small” system, 6u 84hp so need to conserve space. I wanted an end of chain reverb and am very happy so far, it’s always in there at some level. It’s very direct and hands on. I’ve had it about 6 months so I know Im still over-doing the shimmer mode :smiley:

There only thing that bugs me about it is that in “mod” mode you can’t adjust the mod time, so on something like a straight pad, especially if it’s exposed it came become annoying, but if there’s enough movement in the dry sound my ear isn’t drawn to it.

Some more hidden features like on other Stryom pedals would be nice but I would still recommend this one.