The Reverb Thread


Implementing convolution reverb with the web audio API. Intended for browser makers but I found it interesting.


Yeah…this is the one downfall of the BlueSky… I kind of accept it/work with it. Like you, I find that it does some interesting things if the balance is set right, but the tonal elements sometimes get too warbly. The BigSky has the flexibility to adjust that, but I had one of those and it felt like it had too many options. I may try a Neunaber Immerse in the future, with a 12v adapter so it can handle line levels.


Speaking of convolution, this pedal is interesting:


Yeah heard good things about that pedal too. I thought of the BigSky and also an Eventide space but am not interested in anything with menus, maybe silly but I like the simplicity of the Bluesky. Works for now.


one of my favorites.


I really like these:

Especially the diffuse reverb.
I use the max4live versions in Ableton and they are awesome.


somewhere up here, maybe this thread? maybe another… somebody posted about fairfield shallow water. and mine finally showed up yesterday. it is a great teammate to the two strymon (flint and el cap) that stay permanently out on studio desk. i’m not sure it is a need all the time. in fact i’m sure it isn’t. but it pairs superduper with those two and oozes character very subtle all the way to tape disintegration.


You use it for synths? I have been planning on this for guitar but if it’s good all around I’ll jump in straight away


i haven’t explored deeply on synths yet. but it’ll be good with them i have no doubt. guitar and rhodes were my first go to.


it works exactly as expected on any input i’ve tried (synths too). it is kinda like a mix of the “tape age” and “wow and flutter” knobs on the el cap only they are in almost real time (chorus) rather than applied to a further delayed signal and envelope as well as random modulated.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I’d hoped. All analogue too I think


Just added modnetic to buddy up with the diffuse vst from surreal machines. Can’t wait to play around with it.


I’ve been interested in their stuff, but haven’t ponied up for anything yet. Make sure to update us!


I’ve been a fan of diffuse for a while. Modnetic has been a bit more opaque, or moreso the presets aren’t what I expected. When I started just setting up my own sound from scratch it’s become much more what I expected in a tape dirt warming delay box. I’ll try get something recorded this afternoon. They’re both quite dirty, which suits me as I alternate between those and the Valhalla plugins


Dirty is what I aim for. :wink:


So I tested (and bought) the noise Ocean Machine on Saturday. I have never been so impressed with a pedal in my life. It has a selection of reverbs, plus 2 delays and a looper. It’s an ambient guitarists dream.

I plan on using it mostly with guitar, but also bought it to use as an end of chain effect. Will post sounds.


The Ocean Machine looks wonderful for sure. My band actually recently got sponsored by Mooer, and we’re using a lot of their stuff now. Very useful small pedals. I would love to own a new reverb- might just have to talk to them about this haha.


Lotsa good info in this thread! Esp the Tom Erbe PD patches/Erbeverb abstract, and the convolution stuff! The BAM does sound worth investigating, if the bank would agree :slight_smile: - quite a lot of older rack units that you can get cheap as well.


Been using the Intellijel SpringRay with different sized tanks in the eurorack, springs and oscillators are a wonderful match, like the Synthi which has such a wonderful combination of the osc/vcf/spring reverb. The springray does take a bit of effort to find a sweet spot tho, but trying to work around that. Typically would use a large tank for longer drones and the small one for percussion/short hits etc. Does get very muddy very fast. :disappointed: Speaking of percussion, been using the EHX cathedral on spring emulation mode a bit as well, seems to do that job okay.

Plug-in wise was using the “freeverb” algorithm quite a lot for super long drones and stuff within ppooll, did that job well but probably isn’t ideal in most use scenarios :slight_smile: Tried out the Soundtoys Little Plate and been using it a lot for mixing recently, and the Valhalla VV. BigSky on the mixer aux as kind of a master send.

Don’t own an ErbeVerb but managed to recreate some of that rhythmic inputs by feeding gates/cvs into the coloring controls and reverb/dampening amount of the Elements. Never got along with the Clouds reverb :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Go for it. It’s a glorious pedal. And really easy to coax lovely drones etc from.


The Eventide pedals are fully remotely controllable via MIDI, and are absolutely incredible. A stack of H9s is an extremely powerful combination, since you can change their routing dynamically (in mono they can flip between pre- or post- chain depending on the type of preset or your own determination, without rewiring), and because an H9 can be any major type of effect you want - pitch, modulation, delay, reverb, and certain combinations thereof too. These are immensely deep algorithms, each of them comparable to a full plugin, and you’ve got about 48 of them in each pedal, with customization, presets, remote control, automation, CV control (via expression input 0-+5V), gate for tempo, etc.

Edit: didn’t realize this thread was so old! Saw it pop up, thought I’d reply to a few things… wow. There are a ton of great reverbs out there, though, for all budgets and categories. If you’re not into menu diving but you want some of the depth and control that digital reverbs can offer, look for ones that are MIDI controllable and use a MIDI interface, that might save you some bucks and be a nice compromise between hands-on intuitiveness and the flexibility and depth of a good deep digital setup.