The Reverb Thread


I recently got a Meris Mercury7 (also a Polymoon from them, which isn’t a reverb, though it can do the sort of tiny delays building on top of each other to create a weird reverb like the EQD Afterneath or something).

These pedals are very cool and they are really fun to tweak. The Mercury 7 has a bunch of pitch settings, and you can dial them in by holding the alt button and turning mix. This is really useful for getting say, a shimmer in your mix but not overpowering the non-pitched part of your signal. The mod is awesome as well–reminds me a lot of the Valhalla Vintage mod which I love!


I hadn’t come across these before. MIDI control/stereo/$300 is pretty great if it sounds good! The demos are ok and it sounds potentially awesome, but it’s hard for me to get a good feel for it…also, hard to compare to Strymon’s synth demo videos with Peter Dyer if you’re looking to use the pedals with synths.

I really wish all pedal/effect videos had clear dry/wet comparisons, just so you are sure you are hearing what you think you’re hearing. That’s part of what makes the Peter Dyer videos so helpful.


Recently, I’ve been a little more lenient about buying/selling gear. I’ve realized that things sell pretty quickly on Reverb for pretty good prices, and the shipping process is pretty easy for me (there’s a post office a block away and pretty much all pedals* will fit in the smallest priority bubble mailer, which is a flat rate of $7.10), and so far, everyone I’ve sold to/bought from has been really friendly and responsive.

*just a note if you want to try this, make sure to incase the pedal in a few layers of bubble wrap too and don’t just put loose in the bubble mailer…they are a fairly good outer layer of protection, but I wouldn’t trust them alone as they can be considerably bigger than the pedal and the pedal might bounce around inside.


Anybody have some recs for good MAX/MSP reverbs? Or free MAX for Live ones (which I could gut and use in max)?


I use Convolution Reverb Pro very frequently. It shows as free for me but I think because I’m a suite user. Either way, it’s worth looking into. It’s IR based and very tweakable.


Recently got an Erbeverb after having never considered it for a while…and I must say I’m very impressed. Million times better than the Clouds reverb in my opinion, including parasites. Can do really great lush traditional sounds as well as get more experimental. Finding the CV control a lot more useful and musical than I thought as well. Definitely has a home in my setup for the foreseeable future.


The hiss tools convolution reverb is great. I also quite like those in BEAP for vintage sounding verbs, I think maybe gigaverb is the one I use most there.


Appreciate the suggestions, y’all.

Also, to answer my own question, Clouds has been ported to Max for Live. Planning on building a bpatcher version of the interface based on the module at some point to make it easy to mess with in MAX.


for spring reverb I like the one in the Roland 103 mixer the best. it sounds smooth and clean without sacrificing character and is better at keeping the high frequencies. supposedly it’s the same spring tank as used in the 201 space echo, which I’ve never tried, but the surrounding circuitry may make it sound different. right now (if i need a spring) the 103 is working well for me, although it’s quite limited as a mixer…

the best sounding one (digital/HW unit) I tried was Lexicon 300. mine died years ago and is unfixable, and I’m too depressed about it to get another one, I think it will just die again or something. I tried a 480 at someone else’s studio and didn’t think it sounded any better.

mostly though I use the Valhalla plugins… I have the whole set. I use Plate and Vintage Verb most often. I’ve found Ubermod in 16/32 tap mode also great for reverb, in terms of very smooth reverse or infinite reverbs, and unlike the others it’s extremely flexible for novel/crazy effects. something about it reminds me a lot of a Roland unit (RV-800) I sold. The Roland had excellent sound quality, I just grew too frustrated with the remote/UI, it’s like you’d make a change and wait five seconds for the thing to respond.


You could also use any AU/VST reverb in Max through the audiounit or vst objects. I love the Valhalla reverbs, as have been mentioned on this thread a bunch of times.


Another decidedly non-free plugin I really dig is the UAD AKG BX20 spring reverb for its deeper tones. It can be huge sounding but is perfect for adding just a tad bit of depth as well. It does a good job of retaining the shimmering character of springs without being so “boingy” at times. I’m trying to get away from the “drifting through clouds or water” approach to reverb and trying to embrace more room tones for more intimate, confrontational tones. I actually find this harder to implement well.


Let us know how that goes. I’ve not got the time for it at the moment, but it would be great to have a max ‘studies’ thread here about reverb, especially focused round more creative use.


I second this with 20 characters!


that’s my favorite as well


IMO nobody does realistic yet very parameterized reverbs as well as Eventide, and their Room and Hall plugins are astoundingly good. The control and colour of the early reflections, the difference in falloff of high end versus low, room resonance, etc. are all intelligently parameterized and extremely clean and detailed. Try their 2016 reverb for an astonishingly good hands-on type or the specific plugins for more parameters and control over additional details.


haven’t seen anyone mention it yet, but i have been really into the fabfilter pro-reverb. lots of super helpful on board controls including spread, post reverb eq (similar interface to their pro-q2 interface), as well as control over specific frequency bands decay rate. on vocals in a mix, i often find that some of the emulation of hardware conversion on the valhalla stuff gets a little crispy and doesn’t sit quite right. though i use room and vintage on every mix, i have been leaning more on the pro-r lately.


Oh yea, that’s a thing


ive been partial to the eventide space for a long time, but when I really looked at it the dynaverb was pretty much all I used. I always wanted to do some midi control of the space but never got around to it. After I hocked it I’ve been ok with Valhalla Shimmer and Vintage Verb for most things. Since Ableton 10 was released Im more quick to throw down Convolution Pro though, in the past I’ve had a love hate relationship with M4L, since 10 It’s just :heart:


The M4L H9 controller i’ve thrown together could trivially be modded to work with a Space or other Factor series pedal, btw.

I should also mention, since you like it, that Dynaverb is available as a plugin from Eventide, for a reasonable price you can run as many instances as you want and it’s (from what I hear, I don’t own it as a plugin) quite CPU efficient.


I’ll add a + 1 for the convolution pro in the Ableton 10 package, it’s been somehow redesigned and I feel like ableton is pushing it forward a little more and it’s a GREAT thing they are, because it’s a very interesting addition to Live (I’m actually using it more than echo at this point). Not sure there’s been any change under the hood, but I also like the fact the ableton 10 version comes with a UI that’s similar to the native plugins (although not HiDPI compatible, that’s a bummer)