The Rule of Beasts (album release)

A collection of recordings from late December 2018 through early February 2019.

As the album progressed I sold a lot of gear, and set aside more in preparation to consolidate into a smaller, less redundant setup. Some major new gear will be arriving in a few weeks, potentially bringing big changes – but my goal for this stage was to maintain a consistent fundamental sound even as my system thinned out.

In the process of recording, I work quickly and spontaneously, record only a “live final mix” and unpatch my hardware so there’s no going back; any editing happens to the whole mix. Usually this process leaves me with a few unreleased songs that don’t fit the tone or quality of the album. The Rule of Beasts is the first where I used everything I recorded, challenging myself to make it fit through further editing, processing and recording additional parts where needed.

The title of the album was drawn from a Tumblr post recounting a dream about a wise quote from Barack Obama which went a bit viral. It simply felt appropriate.

I have written up some patch and production notes here.


great tones - really enjoy your song titles as well!

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