The Rural Scene

Thanks @Andrew_Sblendorio, I’ll ponder a bit more. Appreciate this help!

not sure if this will count as advice but here is what i experienced at the arse-end of nowhere in the uk. the east-midlands, and to be more precise: the city of lincoln.

i used to live there for 5 years and surprisingly i met a sweet little community of likeminded music/sound creators/artists. to this day they are having a regular concert series going. it’s called the WEIRD GARDEN. and they are pretty consistently having a show going at least once every month for the last 6 or 7 years now……

here’s how it works:

  1. the venue is a little local art gallery which is avaialble free of charge as it is operated by one of the co-conspirators
  2. a basic sound system is available in the location for the above reason
  3. a number of local opening acts related to the WEIRD GARDEN scene (it’s about 5-10 acts now but has been much less before) start the night off
  4. a “headliner act” finishes the night off (althought by that time, normally, most of the visiting audience left and only performing artists/associated peops remain)
  5. the “headliner” is often on tour and there have been quite a number of reputable guests so far from all over europe
  6. a tip-box is thrown in the ring during the night but does normally not cover for the full travel expenses of the “headlining act”. local acts do not normally receive reimbursement
  7. the audience ranges from about 3 attendees to about 20 at absolute peak nights which is probably very rare
  8. it seems to work out great that way as touring acts are regularly requesting to play on route from the northern uk back to the south or vice versa
  9. a limited nuber of attendees travels from nottingham to visit the shows quite regularly
  10. rock on

i have been setting up music events in different contexts in continetal europe in the past and some of the minimum standards offered were much much higher (eg reimbursement of travel costs, accommodation etc) but in the context of remoteness the concept of WEIRD GARDEN seems to work remarkably well.
also, the people organising these events have never been put off by visitor numbers or public perception which is admirable and possibly one of the reasons for their gradual success after all………

i am currently living in SEA and could not even think about music events of this kind and size because that kind of entertainment would be seen as rather absract. but in return my neighbourhood is a giant boom box and that is great too…….

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here’s a link to what my friends in the uk are up to, if that’s of interest:

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Thanks@mode.analogue. That’s useful. I’ve seen posters for WG.

What I’d like to tap into is potentials passing nearby on tour.

I guess my anxieties come from my frailties/lack of experience and best ng, or feeling like ‘it’s just me’. Anyhow, i infer the message to just keep going. At least that is what my future self suggests.

I need to recalibrate this though, as ‘getting names in’ is expensive and personally unsustainable.

I’m looking at forming a ‘group’ so as to draw external funds ( for residencies etc). Anyone here got advice on that? May post that as a separate query.

I have the next one coming up on thursday. Music for power tools, electric toothbrushes, contact mics and modular synthesis.

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Not really, but seems like developing a community is often the key. Perhaps Arts Council funding could be an option if you were engaging with the local community?

The White Rabbit Arts fellowship in NS are good people with whom I’ve had many positive experiences. They have events throughout the year where bands will show up and perform in the woods on the property in various little impromptu stages prepared over the years in various clearings and meadows. Beautiful times, beautiful experiences. They run a residency program and might have some advice for others - although as residencies tend to go, much of their experience will only be relevant to the Canadian, and in particular the Nova Scotia, government programs, so I’m not sure how much it would help you here.