The SK-1 thread - tips, appreciation, etc. : )

my sk-1 was my first instrument - i snagged it on ebay about 10 years ago and spent most of my time with it either getting stoned late at night and making flute chords (that degraded flute sound still haunts me) or sampling sounds from my old kaossilator into it and making weird recordings with my roommate into an old 4-track. i have a really lovely and fun modular system now, but the sk-1 still has such a strong hold on me - i find that my favorite modular recordings have just been from simply playing it through 3 sisters and into w/. i just love this thing and want to see if anyone has their own stories, done any little mods, has any recordings or tips or anything at all !

fall of 2013…


I read about a mod that would let a clock pulse trigger the “one key play.” It seemed easy but I never got around to it, but it would be super handy when using it alongside a modular.


One of my favorite recordings is my SK-1 along a skiff I was using for a while. I did the classic “ahhhh”-in-A for the pad and lead with the modular doing bass and bleep.

I’ve thought about modding it many times, but I reckon I’ll add midi and keep it as is :smiley:


beautiful! i’ve had modding on my mind recently - particularly this slo-ad mod - though figuring out the wiring feels a lil above my pay grade at the moment…

the flute sound, especially with portamento, is def one of my all time favorite sounds.


An SK-1 from Ebay was also one of my first instruments. The amplitude envelope shapes are a nice idea to allow for flexibility while still keeping the interface simple.

Still have my original one from 1987. :smiley:


Yamaha VSS-30 > SK-1 :slight_smile:

realtime switching between extreme fx are great, as opposed to the SK’s audio progress bar thing


my partner and I have been together for many years now, a couple of year ago she told me she and a small sound keyboard in her father’s house. to my surprised it was an SK-1 :blush: it is now living with us. did not have the heart to do some bending, keeping it as it is :green_heart:


I’ve loved an SK-1 for about 10 years that I got from Pete of Casper Electronics in exchange for soldering some instruments. I recently got into an accident on my bike and the SK-1 (and my brain) took the damage, it awaits to be fixed. Repair is the dream of the broken thing.

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I love the SK-1 so much I might get a tattoo of it. Got my first one in the late 80’s and still use it regularly. I’ve probably written/recorded about three dozen songs with it. The SK-1 was the centerpiece of my live setup for about two years.

TIP: Use your smartphone as a sample bank to store and load samples as needed. It’s how I used my SK-1 in a live situation. I got the idea from this guy.


I’ve a couple of bent Casios, which I go through phases of playing.

They were both modified by Diabolical Devices and have MIDI inputs.

yeahh! i was about to comment asking if there was enough interest for a vss-30 thread. much love for the sk-1 but i could not be more happy with my yamaha.


Here’s the outro of one of my very early albums, recorded using the VSS-30 demo tune :smiley:

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A little necroposting: i just bought an sk5 and don’t really know i f i should keep it. Any users here?

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