The sound/art/performance/exhibition calender and review thread

Dear forum,

as a person deeply in love with arts I suggest opening an international thread with dates/infos on current exhibitions dealing with sound/art/performance etc.

As I just traveled to prague, let’s start with this one:
Sounds / Codes / Images – Audio Experimentation in the Visual Arts
from: 5.6.2019 - to: 13.10.2019
Stone Bell House, Old Town Square 605/13, Prague 1

With works of František Kupka, Bauhaus representants, John Cage, Fluxus, Woody and Steina Vasulkovi.

This is a beautifully curated exhibition diving deep in the history of the arts/sounds/visuals. The spectacular medieval location alone is worth a visit. There are a lot of works for people into Experimental music notation resources

Here’s from the website:
"The exhibition offers a historical overview of art that depicts sound as an abstract phenomenon, from the beginnings of abstraction to the present day. Its main focus is to trace the most important trends in audio experimentation in the field of the visual arts, in the form of paintings or graphic scores as well as audio installations, acoustic objects, film, and multimedia projections. "


Awesome, thanks for posting this. I live in CZ but had no idea this was on. Definitely going to check it out :+1:

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there is a lot more to miss out on in Berlin to be fair. Loving the fact that there is now a Ryanair flight direct Brno - Berlin though :raised_hands: