The Syncopaths Vol. 4 (Syncopathic.Recordings)

i’d like to present you a new project that was released yesterday on syncopathic.recordings.
i am running the label syncopathic.recordings since 2007. the label was originally known as an imprint for drumandbass, which we released for a period of about 10 years. after a few years break i brought the label back with the aim to release more experimental electronic music not related to a certain genre or tempo.
in the first ten years of syncopathic.recordings we released a series of compilations called “the syncopaths”. about a year ago i thought it would be a good idea to continue the series and catch up with a compilation that represents the new sound of the label.
after a year of hunting artists and tracks “The Syncopaths Vol. 4” is the result. a series of tracks that range from harder, more beatoriented tracks that develope more and more harmony on side a of the tape. side b starts with a massive ambient tune and then focuses on minimalism, repetition and hypnotic soundscapes.
thanks to all artists that contributed to this release!

The Syncopaths Vol. 4 // Syncopathic.Recordings // Cassette & Digital

Contrary to its predecessors the fourth part in the “The Syncopaths” series is unrestricted in genre and tempo. The commonality in this selection is the unique soundsignature and style each individual artist is known and respected for.

A1 Dyl - Neuroticism
A2 Selm - Stank
A4 Senking - Sheets Of Ice
A5 Andrea Taeggi - Teagarden B

B1 Nic TVG - Distorted Thing
B2 ANMA - Bateleur
B3 Pokk! - 502
B4 Pheek - Emphasis

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