The tiny studio corner thread (pt.1 now online on horizontalpitch)


what’s the thing with the colorful LEDs and Three Rogan knobs do?


It’s an axoloti, so it can do many things! Right now i have it set up with a toggle switch so that there are 2 pages (indicated by led color) for those 3 knobs. I have several different patches loaded currently including reverb, granular stuff, delay, and a mutable elements-like mpe poly synth.


So much love for this thread and the people with their tiny studios. It inspires me to relocate my gear and try new locations.

It also reminds me of this recentish Aphex Twin interview in which he talks about having various studio setups around the house.


Slight expansion but I do believe my $60 investment on a 30" * 60" table to replace the cramped 24" * 48" was my smartest move of the year.


Nice. Rasta cable pasta.



We’re packing up to leave our current apartment in Brooklyn and the thing I’m going to miss is my little corner studio. It’s the first time I’ve been able to have a permanent home for my synthesizers, and after building a custom desk to fit in the wonky, not-quite-90° corner, it’s a shame to give this up.

Here’s something that came out of the corner recently:


I currently have my stuff set up on a desk that is about 55"x24". I’d like to expand vertically… some kind of small shelf to sit on top of the desk with about 12" clearance for the stuff already on the desk.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Maybe something available at ikea? I see some pics in this thread of shelves at an angle… that seems kind of cool.


Rearranging my small space, as my wife has decided she doesn’t like working at the bureau. I have had to take the top off to fit it in my cupboard, but can use the wood to close the gap at the top.