The tiny studio corner thread (pt.3 work/music balance, now online)


I’ve been trying to find better storage solutions for a lot of my small standalone synths, controllers, and pedals - this thread has been super helpful. I just picked up two of these from Ikea . I built one last night and I might not even need the second, I’m able to store way more than I thought.


Finally hooked up and arranged most of my hardware synth gear in a way where I can use everything at once! I’ve neglected my mixer for too long :sweat_smile:

My partner and I have been waiting for a couple of weeks to hear back from a bank about an offer we submitted on a house. Hopefully we get an acceptance or counter (it’s a short-sale for the real estate-savvy) so we can start making it our own and I can finally have a whole space to dedicate to music making vs a corner in the spare room. Although this is the most cohesive my ‘studio’ has ever been thanks to the modular and the mixer!


how are you finding this after a few months with it?


Ah this was another favourite of mine! Neat, compact and powered by rechargeable batteries and USB power banks :slight_smile: - recording direct from the little mixer into the mini kp2 with fx. Sad I don’t own this stuff any more!


I like it a lot. Comfy to work at. My case is not fixed, I have a baton screwed in to hold it upright so if I want to have it flat, or even in another room I can. I need to fully fix down my cabling. But it suits me very much. My only reservation is the hinges dont look super strong so I don’t know how they will put up with me leaning on the fold down section. I suppose it has coped fine with my wife typing on her laptop for a few years.


That Perfourmer! I really want to check one of those out. I’ve exhausted YouTube. :wink:


What pedalboard is that? Been thinking about a similar setup with a standard keyboard stand underneath it, my desk space is very cramped right now even with a 6U 60HP case.


pedaltrain pt-3.

modulargrid now has a pedal option–you can find the dimensions of your case (and other stuff) and create private “pedals” to figure out the board arrangement and size.


The doggie is key :heart:


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My little bedroom space :nerd_face:


How do you like the Lyra? I got to try it for a minute a year ago and really liked it, but I’m always on the fence about picking one up. Not that I could afford one right now anyway…


I like it. I can get a bit burnt out on it’s typical whale call type sounds, but it’s capable of a lot more with a bit of digging.
For example sending it Gates and cv and playing with its FM can make some really cool unexpected rythyms.

I also really like its delays and distortion, it’s fun sending random things thru it.


Kitchen counter studio thread


that has to be one of the prettiest uprights I’ve ever seen!


What’s the midi controller (?) under the norns?


Customizable controller from Yaeltex!


bedroom studio


Something to be said for messy studios. German poet Friederike Mayröcker in her corner studio.