The tiny studio corner thread (pt.3 work/music balance, now online)


You’re right, it’s not tiny, but I also really love the fold up desk and the various drawers you have made for the keyboards. One fold-up desk could indeed work for having all the gear in one compact piece of furniture and making it usable for other purposes as well!


It is a 1930’s drafting table that I hacked. Raised the back more, cut the top and put in a piano hinge, and made side supports. Then put an under drawer for the Prophet 8 and voila. Pretty much need a table saw (or a guide) to make the one accurate cut, everything else is screwdriver and handsaw friendly. These kinds of desks are pretty much scrap because nobody uses them anymore. Solid oak sides, Maple and pine top, … beauty!

Currently holds 3x104, 3x120, Arc, Grid, 2 keyboards, and a Mother 32 and it is slightly cramped. I tend to use mostly one row of 104 for music, and I just lift it out and put on the other desk.


It does work, but it does impose one constaint - I don’t tend to ‘turn and do music for 10 minutes’ because opening it up and such… so I often pull one row out and leave on the far desk and make do with that. Which led to my participation in the minimalist discussion because I’d been imposing that one-row-of-104 constraint on myself…

Also, keeps cat out of modular at least some of the time :slight_smile:


what is that keyboard thingy inside the desk, next to the grid?

#65 :slight_smile:


As @simonvanderveldt pointed out, xkey.

Not wonderful, but very light, indestructible, … secondary keyboard.


Sort of in the same vein as this, I once saw this acrylic platform built to be put on top of the faders for a large format console, that would slide horizontally to give you access to the various pieces when you needed it. Google is not returning any relevant results, but maybe someone else here knows what I’m talking about?


Vacation setup :slight_smile:


Half architecture / half synthin’. Not my main space, but so far my favorite, great for unwinding.

synth brake >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>coffee break


I live in a small one-room apartment. I recently rearranged things and found a way to maximise the small space I have — the improvement being that I now have a dedicated place for the modular and guitar. It’s much more inciting to play now. I only wish I could do the same with the cello. Being a student, I know I am extremely fortunate to be able to access these instruments and I am very grateful for it.

The way the set up works is pretty simple. The modular is connected via en ES-8, and every so often I rent one of my university’s handheld recorders (an H6) to record guitar or cello. Eventually I want to get a piezo for the cello and send that into the modular for looping and processing via morphagene. Output is either via a surprisingly great pair of old JBL speakers through a tube amp, or through B&O H6 headphones (as the stereo system lacks in the bass department), both from my Mac’s integrated output (most likely not ideal, but still sounds great to me).

I wish I had some music to show, but that’s still in the works. I haven’t quite found the way to express my voice on the modular yet, although I’ve had a great time exploring sound, and I’ve got a lot technical learning to do on the acoustic instruments. But it’s a fun adventure!


Nice! How much HP is that case? And what’s the sequencer(?) above it?


Thanks! Its an Intellijel 4u/104hp. Just got it and love it. Until now I had a EMW 82hp - A local (Brazil) company that does eurorack. On top is a TR-626 drum machine.It has trigger out AND the telharmonic goes well with the congas :slight_smile:

This is the system so far (the disting and ladik filter will arrive shortly)

Before that I was using this prototype from EMW (not euro)… I love it dearly but time was not kind to it, gotta take to a tech for a thorough cleaning/calibrating.


Excellent! I love a vacation setup, this was my last one. I guess still relevant to OP as this all fit on a tiny collapsible coffee table, and powered from either 9V batteries or USB powerbanks.
There’s Korg Mini KP2 in the top left that you can’t see for recording and master fx duties.


woot, SQ1 and guitar pedal look enormous, is that table so small really


yep! It’s diddy! But I think it was a perfect square so as deep as it is wide. It was rammed to capacity when I was using it for sure.


That case of yours looks beautiful. A shame you can’t have the speakers really facing towards you while you’re on the modular but you can always take a few steps back and enjoy the patch I guess :slight_smile:


Ayla helping with studio reconfig


O/t, that wooden chair looks gorgeous. Any info on it?


Ugh, couldn’t find any! Got it at one of those stores that sells cheap copies of modern design (eames, bertoia, etc) here in São Paulo. It’s ALMOST like this :arrow_down: one by Jasper Morrison. A bit more ‘squary’ and with the cut out in the back… will let you now if a come across who designed it.


On a Ikea’s Expedit, I just need that and a guitar+pedalboard (nothing too crazy).