The tiny studio corner thread (pt.3 work/music balance, now online)


I just upgraded from working on my lap all the time. Just got the 0-coast and dude mixer yesterday. With the extra equipment and cables, my lap just isn’t big enough. This is an already messy shot of my new workspace.

I still have no idea how to send cc from Digitakt to 0-Coast, but love getting wrapped up in the experience and am making slow progress.


My “studio” doubles as a guest bedroom and I often have to tear it down. So that I can still make music when my mother in law is in town, I have resorted to creating self contained cases and boards. This is the latest that I can easily move around to different locations in the apartment, plug-in and go. Temple Audio pedal board with XR18 as hub. There’s a lot of stuff packed on (and under) here that isn’t easy to see, including: Axoloti, Deco, PO-32, midi thru, MS100BT and Dark side pedals. Patch bays on the sides for main outs, headphones, FX inserts and sends/returns, midi.

This one requires a little more space but can still easily be setup on my kitchen table. Smaller Temple Audio board and XR12 mixer this time. It normally resides in my closet inside 2 pelican cases.


This is what I wish my “Big Studio of the future” looked like ^^


Thanks! It’s a case I’ve designed and built recently — it’s made of welded and polished 1/16th aluminum, where rails are also welded. I’ve got a few more shots on the pictures thread. If you or anyone want the plans and some construction advice to build one I’ll be happy to give a hand.

Never gave a thought about speaker proximity — I’ll have to try stepping back.


:heart_eyes: What is that 2 joystick/arcade buttons red box? Is it really a Nord product? Can’t find anything anywhere!

#86 might help


Wow… the RAT, my favorite fuzz :slight_smile:


That used to be a controller I made for my G2. Now it’s an Axoloti enclosure/controller. Sorry for the confusion.


@apeirophobe & @infovore thanks! Looks like a fun controller box.


ooh, that’s a lovely space. wish I had something that clean!


The mess is just hidden haha


Finally finished reconfiguring my setup. It’s not the tiniest space, but all the gear makes it seem pretty small. This room also doubles as a guest bedroom, so things have to be a bit squishable.


man, i couldn’t help but have a peek at the 1st version of the post :wink:
hope you’re feeling much better now and things continue to be on the up for you!
i for one liked seeing your little setup, even without synths.


OK, so my job is making music so my corner is a little bigger, still I’m happy the set up is so compact… for now…


I love this thread! So many great spaces.

I just rearranged my music corner last weekend and I’m really happy with it! It’s a pretty simple setup with a MacBook Pro (which mostly runs Ableton Live and Max), a Push, my eurorack case, Monome Grid 128, Audient ID14, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro and some cheap but capable Presonus Eris monitors.

Had to capture a sunny moment this morning! Hence, no blinking lights.

A friend let me borrow his zither which I’ve been having fun with, feeding it through the Morphagene and such!

My Fender Jazzmaster is chilling in the back with the monstera (my girlfriend has kept that one for 4 years now, getting out of hand). My humble collection of effectpedals is stashed under the desk right now.

And to end this the only right way, here’s a close up of my euro for the time being. I can’t make up my mind how to fill the gaps yet, but that’s part of the fun I guess.

I’m about to finish up some tracks and will post this asap.


that zither looks pertty wild too.


Yeah, it’s pretty cool! Love the sound of it, and great fun to play. It takes some time, effort and patience to get it and keep it in tune. I guess the strings are old, and I don’t know too much about the build quality of it. Will finish up some recordings of it very soon!


As you can see its much different at this time, not because I don’t like those modules anymore, but I really like swapping things in and out. Maybe that’s a consequence of a tiny studio. :grinning:

Here is the latest incarnation in action in this short video:

Minimal mixers

After my office and synth room became our wonderful daughter’s bedroom in our previous apartment, we moved last year and the synth is back in a spare room. Feels great! :smile:

(First post - hi!)


i record in corners and bathrooms and storage closets all the time…something inexplicably comforting about the spaces for me

had never setup in this corner of my room until today when i needed to do a quick session for bugaev