The tiny studio corner thread (pt.3 work/music balance, now online)


Where da music at? :face_with_monocle: :grinning:


My workspace feels very cramped, especially when there are long tape loops going, but it rather dominates this side of our little flat. Being able to do music in front of these windows, which overlook woods, is a lovely thing.


actually one of the more spreads out setups i’ve had in recent history, but definitely one of the best feeling.


IKEA, outfitting home studios since 1984! :sweden:

Would love to have natural light, but I’m in a basement. Thrilled I can swing this at all.

Tape Gear!

My converted outbuilding studio.


Nice and clean!

Is it still comfortable to you to work on the screen?
How deep is your desk/how far away is the front of the screen from your eyes?

I’m considering a slightly deeper desk (60 cm now, looking at either 80 or 90 cm), but not 100% sure I’ll like the added distance to the screen.


It’s a 27" 1080p screen that is about 75cm back from the front edge of the desk. It’s about 95cm from my eyes when sitting, and my eyes are in line with the screen about 1/3of the way up from the bottom edge (when I’m not slouching). I find it fairly comfortable to sit and work with this arrangement.


cool thread :slightly_smiling_face:

'la vista monolase
(monome, monolase max app, soundflower internal audio routing, audacity, satin)


this is a fascinating thread…

i think we probably all have restricted space, even if its more than a corner… perhaps we fill the space with gear we have :wink:
my point is … don’t we all have storage/placement issues?

a few things that fascinate me are:

  • reduction of gear
    do musicians actively reduce gear, to reduce choice, make more accessible
    (rather then due to economical reasons e.g to exchange for other more appropriate gear?)
  • depth vs height
    something Ive played with…
    deeper desks allow more gear at ‘lap height’ ,but make it more difficult to have higher shelves ( deep = reduce reach)
  • form vs function
    clean lines, cable free… nice aesthetics , feel creative , but seem less practical…
  • mixed function
    many (including me) seem to need the same area for a home studio, and also home office/computer area - which practically fit together, perhaps functionally are at odds with each other?

I can post a picture (id say i have a ‘biggish corner’ = 1.5m each direction), if you wish, but heres what I’ve done (feels ok, but compromised)

my recent approach has been an extended ‘workbench’ idea.
so big items (keyboard,imac) have a permanent location as they are hard to move, but everything else is on shelves/cupboards, which can be brought down to the desk to be used (and then returned).

its kind of tidy, but tends to have audio/power cables/supplies around to make it easy to connect gear - so feels more practical rather than creative.

btw… i have to say i really love the clean lines, creative vibe going on, in many of the pictures shown on this thread :slight_smile:


A couple weeks ago, inspired by this thread, I took my 6U, 104hp rack out of the spare room downstairs, which isn’t huge but is definitely reasonable for a “studio,” and put it on a little portable table in my bedroom closet.

This is not a joke. I don’t have any good pictures to hand, though. I wanted to see if it’d have an impact on my work habits, which are really more like play habits if I’m being honest. Just remove that little obstacle of going downstairs from any impetus I might have to make sounds in the midnight hour.

Results have been mixed. Right now I’ve hauled it out to the dining room table to do some work on a Teletype-and-grid scene; module development is not a job you do in a dark closet.


There’s something to be said for eliminating clutter. Small spaces tend to look cluttered more easily but at least you are forced to make choices. Large spaces are victim to a debilitating sprawl - at least at my budget. I’m sure I could design a $$$$ studio where everything is built in, wired, and clean but looking at the spaces in this thread demonstrates that its wholly unnecessary.

@stripes space is beautiful (I especially like the sconce).


who needs natural light with a painting like that?


That’s actually just paper from a fancy paper shop here. Was pretty excited to find it. It demands to be hung over a synth shrine.


What table is this? I think all I need is a big flat surface to mess around with different setups - this looks perfect.


Looks like one of these or very similar. I have a couple I’ve used for years for my music stuff - they work well for it.


I don’t remember the name. IKEA separates the legs from the top so you can match them yourself. I picked standing desk height legs with the biggest top they had.


I almost have my IKEA hacked work table done. I’ll post a picture here when I’m finished. Bought two adjustable IKEA leg frames that will sit side by side to support an 8’ long oak countertop that I lightly sanded and stained.


The “I don’t have any furniture yet so the floor will have to do” corner…


I’ve posted this in other threads but I’m quite fond of hairpin legs and 2 layers of plywood for a custom DIY desk. Very sturdy and looks great.


Not pretty, but small. This is an IKEA PAX setup. The two lower shelves are actually a two-tier pullout shoe tray :slight_smile: Can do pro-quality photos w/ studio lighting (even though it won’t pretty up the IKEA:))