The tiny studio corner thread (pt.3 work/music balance, now online)


I had a Eureka moment tonight (at least in my own mind) while looking at my wife’s writing bureaux. Surely these would be ideal for tiny studio purpose? I can imagine it would be really useful just to be able to pull open the door to reveal a system ready for patching!

For ref, this is the IKEA one my wife has.

Unfortunately I mounted MrsOaths monitor to the inside of our unit so I’m still stuck in my cupboard!


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february’s temporary housing update:


I have been neglecting my modular. I just go to a cafe and chill like this. The M4L decives for Grid are super fun and inuitive to play.


This is real nice :ok_hand: Do you have any patch notes?



  • qubit chord plays the background pad — sequenced via polyend SEQ for note, and also its two note modulation inputs (i really like seq for this because you can see/edit the numbers from 1-127 when u sequence them). A cv recorder is also modulating the chord waveform from sine into square in little spurts.

  • oscilligraphic block has 3 note sequences programmed into it, that make those little arpy sounds. The speed of its play is modulated with an lfo and the speed of its envelope is what I am controling by hand on it. It also goes through another slower lfo that brings the whole thing in and out (thats put into the mixer vca). The mixer is also responsible for the stereo pan on this part.

  • Those sounds go through the er301 for some eq and fx, and the whole thing goes into a delay and reverb (biscuit).

  • The er301 also has a looper with the beat recorded, and an eq that i am controling with the planar joystick. (i should really be doing more with that great joystick!)

  • op1 plays the audio clip wich is from an old sci-fi show off youtube.

  • everthing also goes back through 2 compressors and the RIP module :muscle:

Thats pretty much it — thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:


Is that writing desk still available? I can’t find it on the website.



Ah, thanks. It’s not available in Canada, apparently. That’s why it wasn’t showing up. :frowning:


Here’s my (basic) setup. I tend to reconfigure all the time, or add/subtract different pieces depending on the session. My studio is also my office so I rarely leave everything setup, hopefully I can figure out a way to keep everything ready to go, as that’s way more conducive to creativity.
Inside the Craftsman drawers in the rolling table:
Elektron Digitone, Digitakt, & Heat
Roland D-05 & SH-01a
Assorted effects and Midigal


Another shot from inside my small studio space. The mirror makes it look larger than it is :slight_smile:


Amazing, thanks for that. Really cool selection of sounds. Wasn’t sure what was creating the chords. Thought it may have been the 301. Do you post these patches on instagram?


No prob! I don’t post on instagram for music, just my side art project. Pre modular, I used to post on youtube a lot, but now just the occasional video on vimeo.


Wasn’t long ago I had all kinds of vintage keybed synths. Now it’s just this little compact setup that Im building live sets on. Very inuitive and compact <3


This seems to be a good fit for this topic, good use of vertical space


Just saw that on Youtube, that will certainly make it into the article, talking of which… I think I’ll start to work on it now.


So due to wife’s work commitments I will be moving to the aforementioned writing bureau so she can get the cupboard office. Will report back!


west coast update:


I will post pictures of my space when I am able. My problem is not only that the room itself is quite small, but that I also like to have friends over to play, so much of my space has to be quickly convertible into room for friends.


My studio is currently in a nice corner of our rather large bedroom. It somewhat bucks the wisdom of "have everything plugged in and ready to go. Instead, I have everything right and hand, ready to be set up in what ever configuration I need.

album of full size versions here: mzero’s corner studio

There are several small details that turned out to be very important to make this work for me:

  • The shelves hold the devices used in the active projects.
  • The pull out drawer has the cables for the active equipment and adapters and power supplies. This makes getting the right cable easy, and puts the mess out of sight once set up.
  • The squid power strip is right at hand.
  • The two bins have devices and extra cables less often used. The “not likely to be played in the next two months” stuff is in the garage.

The key is that I can set up for a project without even leaving my chair: It is all within reach. I typically work on three or more musical projects at once: My live act, a Junto, software for synths, and perhaps mix downs. I switch between these easily, without having to have a larger space with them all set up at once.

I used to have a larger studio in the garage - but with family around, I get more music done if I can be in the house and just sit here when I have some time.


what are those speakers? look like they would make nice travel set.