The tiny studio corner thread (pt.3 work/music balance, now online)


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I’m working on the next episode!


Really enjoyed this first edt! Very inspiring. And so well written. Kudos!


How’s the quality of those outs? Been looking for versatile outputs for both live and recording after having been deceived a couple of times…

Gorgeous case btw ~~

(edit; nvm, saw they’re intellijel’s)


hi @dansimco!
unfortunately no, it is just a little Vox Pathfinder 10 that I use with the Fender Rhodes. Due to lack of space I can’t have a big amp.


Really cool thread/article was such a great read, sounds and images. So interesting to see everyones mini studios. Just thought i’d share my small studio on a keyboard stand :slight_smile:


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Yes, they are Intellijel and they work very well indeed. Even more impressive is how clean the inputs are: you can cascade them and get enough quiet gain for a dynamic mic!

For live you just need a good DI. I have used Radial ProD2s for years, and recently built my own lighter & smaller DI with a pair of Jensen JT-DB-E transformers.



Not a great photo but currently borrowing a friends room while I’m in between houses and have this little floor studio setup… I’d like to put all but the 4 track into a travel case so it can all stay patched and I can carry it around/to open mics and not spend hours setting up! :slight_smile:


I moved all my music stuff into my bedroom because that’s where the air-conditioning is, and actually so far it’s meant I use everything a lot more!


:heart_eyes: that strat!!! Lovely.


MS-20 mini is such a great little synth for the money.


Isn’t she cute?? I wish I were better at guitar already

it really is pretty incredible! pretty fully-featured and a lot of flair to boot. It was my first hardware synth.


I like how you’ve mounted the mixer there


I inherited that stand from the previous tenant of my apartment! I’m not sure, but I guess it can be a little standing desk if you raise it a lot? anyway I was overjoyed to see that this was possible, since it saves me a lot of space.


yeah fitting the mixer is the biggest challenge I have in my setup


yay! love the article :slight_smile:

love tiny spaces and sharing the inspiration to create music within them :sparkles:


Corner of the dining room. I’m enjoying this iteration of my setup!


My little spot next to the window. Setup a little “studio” in the basement, but I need sunlight, so I usually play here.


what’s the thing with the colorful LEDs and Three Rogan knobs do?