The Tiny Studio Corner Thread (pt.4 Focused Desks)


I’m really happy to announce that we finally have pt.3 online!
The latest episode features lines members @polyoptics and @vito_mf and it’s about using a space for both work and music. Check it out here:



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Really intrigued by that small skiff and what you got in it, if you don’t mind :eyes:

Also the interview made me wonder if you have any module that has use in acoustics or something like that? That’d be a rad architecture-modular symbiosis for sure…

as someone married to an acoustics consultant, this module doesn’t really exist. impulse responses are generated by balloon pops, sine sweeps are generated in software, captured by specialized mics, analyzed and recreated in ambisonic or waveform synthesis environments for demo. alternately, designs are modeled and rendered out for analysis and comparison. this is all software.

if you think of a module like Elements, which does model an exciter and resonator, more or less “a space” - it’s plainly a creative, expressly musical tool and would only transfer to an acoustics setting in the most creative projects. this is maybe as close as you get before you have to send audio to DSP for real-time (or rendered) auralization.

not that there isnt potential, there is just no crossover that i can see. diff topic maybe?


Oh its one o those Intellijel 104HP/4u, nothing (too) fancy. Although highly recommended, works beautifully.

Regarding the modular as measurement tool Baleen answered better then I could (I don’t work directly with acoustic in architecture). I would really like to see someone measuring impulse responses of a room, etc. Should be fascinating

I remember this research that seemed be really interesting:

I suppose the type of modular/arch that I would really like to do are what is considered “bad acoustics” in architecture, like trapped frequencies, acoustic mirroring… Usually an architects / acoustic specialist should minimize those qualities, or at least avoid an excessive variety/intensity of them in a single place.

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Long time, no corner!


I just spent three days re-doing “tiny studio corner,” including a big “de-junk” (as my father calls it). I was drowning in stuff, including a basket full of old New Yorker magazines (?) and milkcrate full of random RCA cables, Sony PlayStation adaptors, and FireWire 400 cables (!?).

Major rewire and re-think. Octatrack MKII front and centre.


obligatory ‘move that drink’ comment


I love this thread!

Here’s my messy corner studio, piled into the corner of our spare bedroom/office. I could have sworn I just cleaned my desk…

It’s not how I like it to look, but how it actually looks 75% of the time.

Hidden from view below my desk is a minilogue, 32" TV, and a rats nest of cables and clutter!


whoa 2 cassette echoes, nice!

I just worked my way through this whole beautiful thread. Some really lovely inspiring spaces.

Who created the illustrations? They’re great too.


I’ve made those. Glad you like them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I love this thread. There is just something about working in a confined space that I love. I’d love to be able to mount my modular on the wall, but we’re renting and that is a no go.

As this is in the office with my computer, I find myself wishing I had a way to separate it and not be distracted by the computer in the room. (always some work I could be doing)

I am looking to streamline. If I didn’t love my modular so much I would sell it and just use the Continuum with the 3 Elektrons. Would be a super tight setup. Having the ability to do everything really wears on you. I was reading a thread on muffs about minimalist setups, and I have to admit I’m a romantic when it comes to minimalism (probably because I’m so bad at it) and partly because from my own experience constraint really does help one to focus.

Anyway excellent thread!

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Very much so! This is such a great project. :tada:


I have also been historically bad at reducing choices, but about a month ago I had to give up my studio for 3 months. I ended up setting up a small storage corner where I could experiment/ explore one synth at a time. I also had an old Mackie 1202 with a bad channel that I have been using for no input feedback loops. It was small enought to fit on top of my closed 12u 120hp case. So the Feedback Machine series was born. The current setup is with the Octatrack. Also did one with MachineDrum and my Yamaha FS1-r.


dat’s being recycled by the shop
karma~ rocks (basic looper, quick record)


7U 65 hp Grau case with Touché, OP-1, Polymoon, all hooked up to the iPad Pro via a Babyface Pro, standing on a side cupboard in our living room. The setup varies a bit from time to time.

I do have a dedicated studio space but this way I can get the most out of my dad amount of free time.


hi all. here’s my little corner studio. i don’t have much room in my apartment so this is practically part of the kitchen… i decided to build upwards using slatwall usually used for retail/garage storage. shelves are moveable and very sturdy. the majority of the messy cabling is hidden behind the rack underneath the desk with all the inputs going to the back of interface.