The Tiny Studio Corner Thread (pt.4 Focused Desks)

Oh wow. Since I’m currently trying to find a house in a new city which is quite expensive, it crossed my mind having the modular not to far away from an open plan kitchen arrangement if not the kitchen itself if needed. But I’m worried about the sticky layers of dust which seem to settle on all items close to where I cook after sometime (bearing in mind that I don’t cook like a maniac usually). I guess that’s an issue all cooking situations produce. Do you have any problems with that or am I just worrying about something which is not really an issue normally?

This might be a strange response to your post but kitchen modulars crossed my mind lately more often than I ever thought they would.


That’s one cool idea for an article! :slight_smile:


If possible, I’d go for a cupboard you can close when necessary. And not place the equipment between the stove and ventilation. That way you shouldn’t get so much greasy dust.

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My little corner. I have a small closet and vertical shelf for gear out of frame. I only set up what I am currently using to help maintain focus.


This is my corner. The only things not pictured are a guitar capo and a few plectrums!!


After a long period of inactivity, I finally have another “modular spaces” article online, this time featuring @bjarlstedt and @mqtthiqs.

There’s a lot of photos and stories in this thread that likely would deserve to be featured in an article, I can certainly think of a few that I was planning to talk about, but I’m afraid this might be the last one, since I’ll have to take another break from writing articles, once I’ve finished those I still have in the works.

I’d like to take the occasion to thank everybody who has shared their pictures in this thread! It’s been very inspiring and interesting to see how much sometimes can be done with very little.
I hope this thread will remain active in the future!


What’s that case? It’s lovely.