The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

As I have previously mentioned in the Goals thread, I do want to get back writing articles for (already working on some interviews) and my wife just gave me a very good idea for a fun thing to post: tiny studio corners!

Many people (me included right now) have very little space for their instruments/music equipment, often one has to come up with very clever ideas about how to organize things so that they are usable, accessible, ergonomic, and space-efficent at the same time.

So the thing is: do you have such a small studio corner and want to share your photos and thoughts/experiences/stories to share on this topic? Please post them here!
Right now my idea is to feature a photo, a short text and an audio track of something made with what is shown on the photo (so make sure to also add a track)

The big question that floats in the air is: does the fact that one has to cram all the stuff into a very limited space have an influence on the music that is made? Maybe we’ll find out more about it and I’d love to discuss that here.

Over a year later: this thread has spawned 4 articles on the blog. You can read them here:

Pt. 1: Wardrobes and Closets
Pt. 2: Cozy Corners
Pt. 3: Work/Music Balance
Pt. 4: Focused Desks


I don’t have a dedicated studio space, which is why I have a 12U 104HP case, which is self contained and can be closed patched. I put the case on the kitchen table when I play (with headphones except when patching with my son) and store it closed in a closet.

This probably affects the music as I don’t have any external sequencers or effects. It is also partly a choice (born out of the circumstances).

I’ll share photos when I get everything in order with the case.


I’ve just finished a small hobby studio and was going to take a few pictures for Facebook. would be happy to write a small article about the design, what I needed to do. synths and patching.

its all very beginner stuff, but if it was the sort of thing you were looking for, let me know.

I am not sure how small do you have in mind, but my basement studio is pretty damn small. I fondly refer to it as my “underground space”…


I feel lucky to have a dedicated studio space but it still feels small. I think its the guitar amps. I’m not sure I qualify to participate but I found that keeping things modular really helps me. I don’t have room to keep all my instruments out (and there are lots) and connected all the time so I have to be able to take down and set up quickly and easily. Or I simply won’t do it. A flat, open desk and a patch bay changed everything for me.

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I guess that still qualifies as being a really tiny studio somehow :slight_smile:

Yes please!

A very short text would probably suffice, though if there’s enough interesting stuff emergine I could also turn this into a series of some sorts.

It does look compact, no9t really tiny, but also not really huge. You seem to have done a great job with organizing things in an efficent way here. Depends also a bit on how much more there is outside of the shot :slight_smile:

Yes I think that’s the big challenge with having little room. I think most people (and I sure am like that) can be productive only if setting up does not get too much in the way. I usually get a real creativity killer out of having to take out some gear, plugging it in, making sure it works, etc.

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This is my little music corner. It definitely does the trick, though I find myself often doing an interesting dance when it comes to swapping out any equipment, be it my iPad, Digitakt, etc. I’m lucky in that there are two outlets right near each other, which is rare in these old Victorian houses in Philly. I also have a definite interest in hands as a muse, so my art collection steers me well. I think it’s an important balance for a small space to have my tools in front of me in a comfortable way but also not be so drawn into the confines of that immediacy.


My current setup is housed inside a very small walk-in closet. Definitely tiny, which absolutely has an impact on the sounds/compositions I make.

It’s kind of hard taking pictures of it, here’s a video my partner shot (without my knowledge) … :smile:


@geh2oman looks like a nice corner to make music! Do you have a collection of stones on your speakers?

@slopstream oh that’s great! I mean I looks very small, but the shelves probably help in adding more surface.

Here’s the music stuff side of my desk. I actually have a decent amt of spare space in this room, but find that this amount of condensed gear/space (to whatever degree that a not quite filled 9u case is condensed) hits a pleasant mix of limitations and possibilities. And find that I work better w/ things reined in a little. Did not realize I’d left a cat-sized gap in there until she found it for herself.


It’s small yes, but I like it! Quite cosy with some minimal lighting and moody sounds. :wink: Here’s another pic that I’ve posted before:

I have some plans on building a shelf-system on the left side where I can house a bigger mixer and some other stuff, so there’s some room for improvement still.


This is mine, the “studio” is wherever I happen to be with the modular portable orchestra.


I have a small cupboard under the eaves in the attic. Measures about 1.5m X 1m. (Ish).

I cut down an IKEA dining table to base things on. Mounted my speakers in the wall and they are permanently attached to the mixee., Which in turns feeds into my akai EIE audio interface.

I am currently hacking together an old briefcase to hold my eurorack system. This way I can save space to alternate between synth playing and guitarwork.

My guitars are balanced to the side of the table in about 40 cm of space. The amps and other guitar stuff are under the table.

Old pic. Don’t have the system 1m/Keystep/Werkstatt anymore. And have added a few modules.


yeah i love tiny spaces!

posted this a while back:

i’ve since added some more shelves. need to tidy up and then i’ll share a more recent pic :slight_smile:


Took this a few nights ago. Note the lack of any connections :wink:

Can back away and get the whole ‘corner’ as necessary! Good inspiration to clean up, ha.


The exact same reason I’ve not shared a pic of my mess yet :smiley:

@papernoise Yep! Both are bowls that I turned while visiting my home town the most recent times, and all of the stones are from around the island I grew up on, Prince of Wales, in Alaska.


To upgrade studio: uninstall cat, install new toy, … and wait until cat takes revenge by sitting on it.


cats will always find the gaps! :slight_smile: even if they are not there… An L-arrangement to combine modular and computer is probably the best solution for small spaces.

@steveoath looks like a great solution, but where’s the computer?

@shellfritsch looks beautiful! I think I’m developing a secret passion for small electronic music spaces inside wardrobes and cupboards :slight_smile:

Sure, if you happen to take a photo (or need to clean up) post it here!

Cool! I live near a torrent where there’s lots of stones and I sometimes like to collect them, but they are nowhere as nice and varied in colour and texture as yours.

Great thread!

Here’s my half-a-spare-bedroom setup:

The computer desk is the $80 Ikea Linnmon/Godvin that I hot-glued some fabric on top of. I have a dual tier keyboard stand with some plywood splayed across the top (to act as a raised platform for monitor and monitor speakers…also covered with fabric) and bottom (where I dock my laptop sometimes out of site).

I have my amp underneath the computer desk. Which I run things through at quiet volumes (I’m in an apartment, but haven’t gotten any complaints yet) through a reamp box and record with the LDC. I run out of the amp’s effects send to my pedal board, and then back into my interface from the Heat.

The modular’s “table” is a keyboard stand with the flight case for my pedalboard (which is slipcovered with some more hot-glued fabric). The wires to the right are i/o coming from the interface.