The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

Yeah, they’re the micro monitors by ik multimedia

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mine is not as small as some posted here, but I think it qualifies as a tiny studio. it’s a 2x2m cube with no windows. it’s tight but I can fit another person in here :slight_smile:


I haven’t listened to Pram in ages, I should fix that :). I actually saw them live once ages ago, good memories…

Nice setup too, surprisingly clean-looking for the amount of noisemakers in there. The patchbay probably helps a lot.


never had the chance to see Pram live :confused: but I really enjoy their music. I haven’t listened in ages too :slight_smile:
yep, the patchbay + the rme fireface help to keep it all organize and in hand. I did try different configurations but this one gave me the best workflow.

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It’s with great pleasure that I can now finally announce that the first episode of this article series is now online!

Modular Spaces Pt.1: Wardrobes and Closets

Huge thanks to Felix, @slopstream and @shellfritsch for the interview and for sharing all the great insight into their spaces!
More is coming soon (after Superbooth has cooled down a bit). There’s enough material for at least 3 articles.

It’s probably a nice read while you wait for the norns release tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Really digging that 30 timbres recording :v:


Loved the article Hannes. The illo (dunno if its yours) is wonderful as well.

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Thanks a lot! And yes, the illu is mine!


hey thanks and 20 characters!

ah glad to see this came together…and a series too.

lol I don’t even have a closet to put my gear in.

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hehe :smiley:
Btw. you’ll probably be featured in the upcoming “cozy corner” episode :slight_smile:

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Great article, fun to read and covers the theme well. Cheers!

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“can’t even really call it a Studio” category

well as you have seen, I’ve mostly moved away from the word studio anyway.
in this first episode the topic of separating the music making space (and gear space) from the rest of the house was very present, in the next one blurred boundaries will be a thing. the idea of “studio” gets all put upside down, which is really cool


Great stuff, always fun to read about other people and their work spaces/flows! (well written too!)
I guess that’s why the thread was so popular. :+1::+1:


Ha! I’m not an “outsider” anymore :wink: Thanks again for the great article! I look forward to the next ones. It’s always inspiring to get to know other peoples’ workflows.


That little vox looks nice, is it valve?

Welcome to lines!

I’m working on the next episode!

Really enjoyed this first edt! Very inspiring. And so well written. Kudos!