The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

great design! what’s in the top row there?

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What is the wooden box with the arcade buttons?

That is a Paradise MIDI MIDI controller!

It’s a prototype Blue Lantern Synthx! Found it on Craigslist, fell in love with the pink and gold faceplate. It’s got kind of a Serge vibe — two oscillators, two envelopes, a filter, a VCA, and an LFO, all very squelchy and unpredictable and wild.

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I like the look of those.

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I spent some time reorganizing and realized that the Beatstep Pro isn’t really meeting my needs at the moment. I have no real need for a mobile workstation due to the 'rona, so my Thinkpad T480 has been repurposed as a dedicated ORCA/JACK/ReNoise/Audacity machine, with the vanilla KeyStep for note entry - and, of course, the 16n for maximum control of my teeny tiny Mutable clones!


so cool! funnily enough my first impression was “custom serge??” i guess because of the lines on the panel and 1900h knobs. i hear good things about blue lantern though. and those colors are amazing.


Here’s my little corner sound station nearly finished — added the desktop today, as well as enclosed the little cabinet space to the right of the Palette case. (It’s currently holding the Little Red Book, a French-English dictionary, and, last but not least, @shellfritsch & Rob Moss Wilson’s “Big Lunch.” :blue_heart:

What’s left is adding some euro rails to the spot next to the 16n to hold some control modules I’ve been missing — a Soundmachines Lightplane and the Doepfer theremin module — and then sewing a nice canvas cable organizer to hang off that back crossbeam.

I am so so so, so happy with how this turned out; it’s one of those projects where it feels even better than how it was in my head!


Damn this is really cool! Well done it seems like a really nice space to be at!

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Thank you so much! I have the Sketchup plans if you or anyone else wants to make their own :slight_smile:


Here’s a shot of my small studio—my guitar rig is out of shot… I’ll add it below. I finally got some new monitors in today and listening to my patches is a new experience (was previously just listening through my computer), and was so exciting I called my wife in to experience it. :joy: I feel so fortunate to have the ability to play with sound!

On a side note, I’m trying to figure out a better way to have access to my racks on my desk, so hopefully by early 2021 I’ll have that sorted. My two cases currently sit on a stand my brother custom-made for me, which is pretty awesome.


Love this stand design! Like a painter’s easel.
Also so happy to see a 16n with color caps NEXT to a copy of Big Lunch :heart_eyes:

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Thank you, @shellfritsch! If I were to put my OP-Z on that shelf as well, the trinity would be complete, and you’d climb out of my little bookcase like in the video for “Take On Me.”


beautiful case! never seen it before. who is making such amazing cases?

I believe this is a case…

Somehow, i’ve wound up on the floor. And moving into a second case. :grimacing:


Just moved and finally got to build a tiny corner studio for this thread!


You seem to have a thing with grids of buttons


Indeed… Though only ones that Kelli and Brian make!


Looks great. My first thought:

Too much Disney with the littleuns lately.