The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

The waveforms on the iPad are from the FRMS granular synth, which has MPE support.


I love spending time in this messy corner.


vintage grid 64 looks so good


I just took delivery of 2 excellent desktop synth stands by KVGear and Soma Corner is now slightly less crazy.


Which stand do you have the Lyra on? Looks like it ends up nearly vertical and I think I could use something like this!

It’s called the Adapt L2.
It looks so close to vertical that I was worried it would feel unstable, but it is fine.


The best solution against GAS so far: everything has to fit in a custom flightcase.


New apartment, new tiny studio corner


Still a bit ‘WIP’ but really starting to come together. Something going on with noise from my eurorack but will keep working on getting it sorted…


I still think the digitone keys is a really cool option. Don’t see may of them around!

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Is that a Hordijk system? Also curious about the wooden keys on the right if you’d care to share. At first I thought it was double Shnth, but I don’t see enough keys. Sorry for being nosy!

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It’s just the simplest voice from Rob’s system, the OSC HRM/Dual Env/24db filter. Blippoo too, naturally :hugs:

Wooden keys is a Ciat Sidrazzi modded to have the patchbay on the top, and not on the playing surface.



Hey, thanks for responding. That is VERY cool to be able to play some Hordijk modules. Would be very interested to hear sounds created in this corner. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll keep you in mind once I record something new here!

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It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything here, and indeed since I really made electronic music at all, but I finally put together all my favorite gear. This is the “mostly Mutable” system I’ve been dreaming of for ages, thanks in part to a wonderful co-worker selling me some modules and to my luck in acquiring Beads and a few other Mutable bits before Émilie shut things down. It’s in a Jake’s Custom Shop 104HP case, which I have to say I can’t wholeheartedly recommend - it’s very sturdy and portable, but many modules will conflict with the rail braces and thus can’t be used at the ends. I actually had to remove one of the rail braces and rely on the structural integrity of the thick Mutable panels to keep everything together.

I had the system on my nearby desk for a while, but that desk is used for a lot of other things, so there was often clutter blocking the system from being used. I also didn’t have a good place for my cables. This side-table was used for my IRIS DPC-44 electronics parts organizer until I realized that it actually had mounting holes which allowed me to attach it to the wall, freeing up the space on the side table. I was also able to position my cable comb so that it’s much easier to access when I’m patching.

My hope is that this will lead to a lower barrier of entry to working on sound design and music-making!

(The photo was taken with my Fujifilm X-T1 and a vintage manual focus 50mm f/1.7 lens.)


That’s some proper desert island setup you’ve got there. Very well thought out. Enjoy!


My corner-of-the-bedroom-studio based out of a chest of drawers bureau was getting some use last night. Usually it’s just me with the Tracker/Norns Shield/Sunvox, but my wife has just had her old guitar serviced and last night she joined me for some noodling. It was good fun.


Added one of my MIDIMix to control the mixer functions in Drambo. Much improved performance factor!


Just set up a corner of my tiny home office to be my studio area!


Very cool MC Escher effect on the Mac screen :slightly_smiling_face: