The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

Its a side table from Leetes Island Woodworks


Awesome setup. Your modular rig is a thing of beauty. Love the blacked out 301. Endless Processor into the 301 seems, well, endless… In the best way.

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Here’s the current tiny studio corner setup. The Minilogue XD, mixer/audio interface and iPad are the only permanent fixtures. Everything else is stored in a cupboard and pulled out as needed in various combinations.

Today I was exploring a pseudo-ADSR envelope using a multed gate from the KeyStep Pro to both channels of the Delta-V.

Still in the cupboard are my Eurorack effects pod, 0-Coast, Model:Cycles, Monotron, Microcosm, Zoom H5 and a smaller keyboard controller.

I’d prefer to have everything set up and ready to go, but my house is tiny and this desk doubles as a workspace. Having a few things already set up, and connections ready to go, helps to reduce the setup time. It usually only takes a few minutes to select and set up the gear I use during a given session. And it only takes a few minutes to pack away. It helps that I usually patch from scratch anyway.