The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

First of all, it’s really cool to see this thread still going strong after over two years!
It’s always inspiring and interesting to see different approaches, and how other people have solved the various problems that come from just having a small corner in the house devoted to music making.

Over the years my music desk, grew a little bit. From being a small table, to, well, a slighly bigger table :slight_smile: But it’s still complicated sometimes.

Sometimes having to write down one’s thoughts (like when posting on a forum like I’m doing now) can be very useful. Also I’m very interested to hear if anybody else is in a similas position.

So, giving it a bit more thought, I realized that the issue is mostly how my workflow relates to the physical space. I basically have 3 phases in how I like to make music:

  1. This is what I would call “noodle and collect” phase. Here I mostly just play around with things. Sometimes just for the fun of it, sometimes in a more focused fashion, because I want to make a track out of it. In this phase I mostly like to play with very tactile, hands-on instruments. But I also like to have something to record at hand. Whenever I feel there’s something interesting coming out, I hit record.
  2. The editing phase. Where I try to make sense of all the snippets and random recordings, and build a track. This is mostly done in the DAW, but I sometimes like to send things out to an external effect, tape machine or the modular and record it back in.
  3. the polishing phase. This is where I fine tune the tracks and do the mixing. It’s 100% being done in the DAW.

To make things more complex, I do not like to have too much stuff around, it distracts me. And I like to have enough table surface free. So if I have an idea and want to try something, I don’t have to first make some room for it (instant inspiration killer). Also I do need to keep the modular accessible, even if I sometimes go for weeks without turning it on, because I need it for work.

I would basically need 2 desks. One for phase 1 and one for phase 2-3. Because I feel like the more creative phase needs a very different mindset and approach than the others. Plus phase 2 and especially 3 need decent monitors and require me to sit in the sweet spot. There’s a whole series of ergonomic aspects, deriving from this, to take care of.

Of course this would all be nice and dandy, if there wasn’t a bit of overlap between the phases for the equipment needed. The modular can be the main source of sounds for phase 1 but also something to add or process sounds with in phase 2. Norns can be used to create loops or to process things, etc. This means that either one has multiple devices/instruments of the same type, or one has to drag things around, redo connections etc. This can be quite a deterrent if one only has small breaks in which to create.


It’s really not that different from the classical studio with a recording room separate from the control room.


Thanks for the breakdown!

No it’s not, and in fact trying to stick to a practice that is somehow related to how music was made and recorded in a classic studio can be a good idea. With electronic music everything can blend together into one thing. Writing, arranging, producing, mixing etc. all can be the same thing. But I find it easier to focus on one thing at a time.

Now of course most classic studios had one thing, we who post in this thread probably have not: a lot of space and separate rooms for different tasks. Which brings us back to the main quesiton I am asking myself: how can I work with the separation of the various stages of musical creation, with the little space I have?
(which is mostly a question I am asking myself, but I’m curious to hear about it, if anybody has been asking themselves a similar question)

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How are the Drolo boxes, I was interested in the Stretch Weaver but seems to crossover pretty heavily with Chase Bliss Mood?

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See Katie Gately profile on Ableton, she has a very cool two desk setup.


Thanks a lot! I will!

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This is really fascinating!


The drolo boxes are my main instruments. I could replace any other instruments but they are the most fun and hands on. They feel good too.
There is no real overlap between the mood and the stretch weaver. the weaver can’t sample and the mood can’t side chain.
the weaver is special coz it can do do many different things with side chains.
imagine taking the output of the mood, feeding it to the weaver and stretching it again with a kick drum.
It glitches easily but you can do also subtle modulations.
First I didn’t use the weaver much but now its on every session.
But my favorite by far is the molecular disruptor. its just crazy what it can do to your sounds. its sample rate is not stepped like on the mood and gives you another dimension to play with.


Norns updating, the new M8 with the start of a song, a Nearness waiting to be installed, Eventide Space, and Taylor Deupree.


Yoooooo! Fellow M8!?!? You on the discord?

I had been using the script with my OP-1 which I’ve since gotten rid of. Might have been a relationship between the two. I will check on other equipment with better midi implementation when I get a chance.

(How fucking dope is the M8??)


my tv tray studio. living in a camper haha. this is my fourth iteration of it. i’m into having a small setup! keeps me very creative.


:point_up_2: dang, you’re living the dream “Nightmares On Wax”-style :raised_hands:

noice! :beers:

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I am late to the M8 party, but incredibly intrigued, the first run is sold out, I’m assuming…?

Yeah, he did an initial run of 100 that are all sold. Planning for more in the coming months.

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Moved out of London recently to try countryside living - the benefit besides the obvious is that I actually have a dedicated music space as opposed to a one bed flat with a living-dining-kitchen-studio room.


Just wondering what you’re using the push controller for? Is there a computer under the desk?! Looks like it’s being used in standalone (non-Live) mode?


My satori (insight) during current weekend:
it’a no matter how big is your studio corner if you can be in the corner alone.

I understand that if you have about 40 minutes just to concentrate and only after this -
composing tracks - it works for me. If you play near noisy fridge sources- its almost impossible.
All music time goes to playing 70s solos on guitars or another drone on modular.

Sources that can ruin concentration: family members excluding pets ( only late night time is good for composing), any job items (like macbook with slack/mail), playstation, and books. (Ive read about 7-9 books during last 3 months during evening time instead of music time)

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That Invisibles collection, tho :wink:


It’s so boss, but that’s for another thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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