The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

I’m short one resistor to finish building my nearness. :sob:

There is a laptop on a tabletop standing desk type thing to the right of the photo. I use the Push for normal Push things, but I try to use it as much as possible to control Ableton without needing to look at the computer. It’s trial and error so far but it’s forced me to become much more fluent with the Push. I still wind up using the laptop for fx stuff that I can do more quickly by clicking around, as well as assigning stuff on the MFT. The goal is really to, as much as possible, eliminate the visual and focus-related distractions of Ableton and everything else the computer does, without needing to eliminate the convenient and money saving stuff I can accomplish there. I think it just looks like it’s in standalone mode because it holds the logo screen when Ableton isn’t running (I don’t think this is normal behavior… might be because it’s plugged into a powered usb hub?).


Maybe also for another thread but :upside_down_face: – how are you finding the Sinfonion?

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It’s a joy to use and very much the musical glue I was missing for composition. Its pricey and I sold an Access Virus to fund it and have no have regrets about that. I had the Harmonaig for quite a while for my chords, but this is really another level… the internal sequencer is a nice bonus too.


Thanks. Yes, it looks and reads amazing. A serious commitment in every way but sounds worth it…

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What’s your skiff stand? I’ve been looking for one, that looks perfect.

It’s from 3dwaves; it’s two independent pieces. Getting a little stand purpose-built for a skiff was a small game-changer for me!

jealous of the pink strat!!!


this is my tiny studio corner where i recorded my latest album. this setup uses a hacked korg monotron delay (for almost all sounds), norns (oooooo for layering + tape for recording), a field kit (for mixing), a po-32 (for drums), a raspberry pi (for midi2cv, for midi sequencing with miti, and for audio-syncing the po), and a cat (for obvious reasons).

my space is small, so i like using portable instruments that fit into a desk drawer. when i’m ready to play, i pull instruments out of a drawer and setup wherever i can. this affects my music positively by focusing my music onto few/smallish instruments and recording in a limited time (eventually my roommates want to use the table too). if i could change something, i would love to have room for a real piano and be able to play my saxophone+trumpet without the neighbors stomping on the floor. though, i totally understand that in these pandemic times no one wants to hear trumpet on their zoom call.


Man I’d rather hear that than the countless meetings I’m on with parents and kids for school related stuff. Yikes central!!

Nice consolidated setup!


Wow, this looks even better than the last time I saw it! We gotta get you a white panel for that STMix tho.

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Aha. Good to know. Thanks for the response (and apologies for my delayed response!)
I’m developing a Eurorack sequencer module which acts as a USB host for a Push Controller. All of the sequencing functions will be accessed through the Push. I’m always interested to see someone working with a Push and Eurorack.
Would you be interested in the possibility of DAW-less Eurorack sequencing controlled via the Push?
Maybe it might not work with the other gear you have? I’m interested to know.


This would be fantastic!!!

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That sounds pretty rad!

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Not tiny as per se but my beats corner nevertheless :slight_smile:


Link to clips of this set-up? It looks like a v. intense groove-box.

Right? I’ve been thinking about ordering one from JLCPCB just to make it uniform.

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hello! I’m grateful to have discovered this community, and am very excited for the arrival of my Norns. Here’s my little corner I create in:


What an incredible little space station! :heart_eyes:


Nice SDS tucked away in the corner